ADHD Chores, Rewards & Charts For Kids 

Topics that come up often from parents are rewards, chores, responsibilities and charts. There's so much information out there that it become overwhelming. Chores and expectations can be different depending on many different factors. The child's age, physical ability, maturity and their interests. 

You can supervise and have an idea for what is too much for your child based on their abilities. Some children cannot do chores that others their age can and that's okay too. 

I know that getting our children to do chores can be extremely challenging. I am all too familiar with the meltdowns, yelling and chaos that comes along with reminding our kids that they need to do their chores. 

It can be very frustrating as a parent reminding them as much as we have too because they forgot, got distracted, they were overwhelmed or had a hard time following your directions. 

Chores are so important as our children grow. They learn a lot from chores. It teaches them life skills, self discipline, independence, they will learn that they need to contribute and work hard too. A family works together, pitches in and each person has to do their part. 

Chores and responsibilities will help a child feel like an important part of a family. Children want to feel needed. Chores will help them build self esteem. Try to choose chores that they will be able to complete successfully. Your child may need a lot of reminders, going over each step several times and require more supervision than other children. 


When they are successful, praise them as much as possible. (it will make them want to do it again) If chores are smaller tasks that don't take as much time they won't lose interest as quickly and will stay on task and feel more accomplished. The next time they're asked to do something they wont be as reluctant to do it for you.

Setting timers or agree on a time together that the chore should be completed by can also motivate them to want to do it. Make it a game, make it fun for them. 

For myself, I have ADHD. I can get messy and unorganised at times but when we focus on short tasks we tend to give great detail to what we are doing. When you ask a child with ADHD to clean there room, without instructions, steps, time limits or expectations and it is really messy they get upset, have a meltdown, don't want to do it, scream, throw things around and get overwhelmed because for them that massive, huge mountain seems impossible to climb. 

What I have always done was one step at a time and eventually it will be done. Not just for my kids but myself too. If it doesn't all get done today, that's okay because eventually it will with smaller goals and expectations. 


Day 1   "Let's see how fast you can pick up your dirty clothes in your room and I will time you. You don't have to do anything else today, just pick up your dirty clothes."

Day 2  "Today, let's see if you can beat your time for how fast you picked up your dirty clothes and we will see how fast you pick up your toys this time." 

Day 3  "You know what? You picked up your clothes so quickly, then you picked up your toys even quicker yesterday. I wonder if you could make your bed and put your books away in the same time or quicker today." 

When they have completed these tasks give them praise.

"You did that so well today"
"You are really good at picking up your things"
"I am so happy that you picked up your dirty clothes" 

Toddlers enjoy sticker charts as they are a visual to their success. They usually love doing chores and being helpful. When you let them assist you in your daily chores, you are creating a healthy and positive path to their independance and willingness to help others as well. 

Preschool and kinder age children also enjoy chores and being helpful. At these ages they don't need to be as supervised and once you take some time to show them  how to do different chores they will become more independant. Some parents at this age introduce allowance to their children. It is an incentive for them to want to earn money to purchase items they would like to have. A valuable life skill. 

When children begin going to school they usually aren't as motivated to do chores as they used to be. The excitement of helping will diminish as the years move forward. Keeping track of responsibilities and using a chart will guild them to be more self-sufficient. 

Preteens appreciate knowing what chores are expected and a set routine. Giving them unexpectant chores can usually make them less motivated and unwilling. Sit down and make an agreement on chores and expectations for a smooth transition. Then they will also understand the negative consequences should they not be completed and positive reinforcement when they are completed. 

Teens. This is when it can become more difficult but at this age they should be more capable of doing almost any chore in your home. Teenagers tend to get overwhelmed as they have their own schedules and activities and find it unmanageable at times to juggle everything. Build expected chores around their schedules so it is a positive experience for everyone. Always do what works for you, your child's schedule and your family. 


Some children need to learn how to do chores step by step and others will catch on quickly from watching you do it. Social stories can also help children learn step by step and be a visual reminder when they begin their chore if it's hung up for them to see. 

Many parents use apps for chore points, charts, collecting pom poms or coins in jars, allowance, chore cards or other ideas that work for their family. These are just some ideas to try. Do what works best for you and your family. 

20 Tips to make doing chores easier for you and you child

1. Have reasonable expectations.

2. Keep it simple and basic so they don't become overwhelmed. 

3. Give them step by step instructions. 

4. Use lists. 

5. Chores should take less than five-ten minutes.
6. Make it fun, turn it into a game.

7. Don't call them chores, make up a new name, ask them what they would like to call them or ask "could you help me do this?"

8. Give three options. Ask them which two they choose to do. 

9. Offer breaks in between each chore. 10 minute chore then 15 minutes to play. 

10. Choose chores that keep them active such as taking out the garbage, sweeping or vacuuming.  

11. Let them choose which days they get to do which chores. They are more willing to help if they feel they have some control. 

12. Use chore charts and stickers. 

13. Try asking them to pick up 5 things and come back for a high five. 

14. Rewards do not always have to be items but time and experiences. Earn alone time for mother/daughter days or a Dad/son movie night. 

15. Use positive reinforcement as much as possible. Instead of criticizing when you didn't like something, try to find ways to praise what they did do good.

16. Be consistent. If you make your expectations clear today and tomorrow but don't follow through the next day it can be confusing for them. 

17. Focus on one chore before asking them to do other chores. When one chore is completed than you ask for another chore to be done if that is your expectation. 

18. When using chores as punishment, your child will see them as a negative experience. Make chores as positive as you can because they will feel better about doing them and be more willing to complete them. 

19. When they are asking you for something but chores are not completed yet, try using the when/then method. When you do this, then you can do that. 

20. Be clear about rewards and what needs to be accomplished to receive a reward. Have them repeat it back to you so that you know they were listening and understood. 

What chores are age appropriate for children?

Ages 2 and 3

1. Helping a parent water house plants or garden

2. Washing their hands 

3. Dusting baseboards with socks on their hands

4. Stirring batter in bowl 

5. Put books on a shelf

6. Help clean up spills with a parent

7. Assist a parent with feeding family pets

8. Get dressed with parental help

9. Picking up their toys

10. Brush their teeth and put their brush away

11. Take their dirty to the laundry area

Ages 4 and 5

1. Making their own bed

2. Sorting laundry by color, darks and lights

3. Putting their shoes and coat away

4. Fold dish towels and dish cloths

5. Washing plastic dishes

6. Hanging clothes on hooks 

7. Bringing in their things in from the car to the house

8. Helping with preparing family meals

9. Help parents carry in the lighter groceries

10. Assist parents setting the family table

11. Clearing the table when meals are finished

 12. Dusting the home with a cloth

13. Use handheld vacuum

14. Carry smaller boxed or canned foods
from grocery bags to cupboards

15. Clean their room with some help
16. Match their socks after clothes are washed

17. Hang up towels in the bathroom

Ages 6 and 7

1. Making their own bed every day

2. Brushing their teeth

3. Combing/brushing their hair

4. Choose their own clothing and get dressed

5. Helping with preparing family meals

6. Taking care of family pets with supervision such as exercise and food/water

7. Vacuuming different rooms in the house

8. Cleaning and tidying up their own room

9. Dusting different rooms in the house

10. Folding smaller easier laundry with some help

11. Putting away dishes in the dishwasher

12. Putting their laundry in their drawers or closets
13. Mopping floors with some help

14. Empty trash or sorting/taking out recycling

Ages 8 and 11

1. Waking up using an alarm clock

2. Keeping their bedroom clean and tidy

3. Raking leaves and helping with yard work

4. Washing the dishes

5. Putting laundry away

6. Taking care of their own personal hygiene

7. Preparing some easier meals on their own

8. Learning to use the washer/dryer

9. Being responsible for their own belongings

10. Washing the family car with some help

11. Taking out the trash for curbside pick up

12. Cleaning the bathroom with some help

13. Being responsible for their homework

Ages 12 and 13

1. Changing the bag or emptying the canister for the vacuum

2. Setting their own alarm clock

3. Baby sitting with help and guidance 
4. Maintain personal items, such as recharging cell phones

5. Mowing the lawn with help

6. Prepare some meals for the family 

7. Cleaning mirrors throughout the house

8. Take care of their own personal hygiene 

9. Dusting, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms and doing dishes

10. Changing light bulbs throughout the house

11. Changing their own bed sheets

12. Taking care of their own belongings and homework

13. Keep their own rooms clean and tidy

Ages 14 and 15

1. Buying groceries with assistance

2. Responsible for their library card and taking back books on time

3. Sorting and taking out recycles 

4. Serving some family meals

5. Baby sitting

6. Preparing family meals

7. Keeping their own bedroom tidy/clean

8. Being responsible for all their own personal chores

9. Doing yard work when it is needed such as snow removal, raking leaves etc. 

10. Washing windows with some help

11. Making a grocery list with assistance 

12. Doing house chores without prompting

Ages 16 and 18

1. Preparing family meals

2. Purchasing their own clothes

3. Maintaining any car they drive oil changes/tire pressure

4. Paying for gas for their own car

5. Doing yard work when it is needed

6. Responsible to earn their own spending money

7. Deep cleaning of the house
8. Do housework as needed

9. Serving family meals 

10. Making grocery lists and picking up groceries 

11. Cleaning household appliances or defrosting the freezer

12. Keeping their room clean/tidy

Reward Sticker Chore Charts
Resources For Parents And Children 

SchKIDules Home Collection Combo Pack includes 72 home themed activity magnets PLUS 21 heading magnets so that you can design an instant visual schedule on any magnetically receptive surface. Our magnets are high-quality laminated magnets. They are colorful and fun, yet simple enough for kids to understand the activity each one communicates. To reinforce messaging, each magnet also has the activity written underneath it. They are super effective for decreasing meltdowns, teaching bedtime routines, getting ready for school, establishing chores, and keeping kids focused. Additionally, kids with ADHD find it that a visual schedule helps them stay on task better and helps them with task execution. 

Visual Schedules (or picture schedules) can be of wonderful assistance to a family. They help to put everyone on the same page and work particularly well with kids who lean more towards being visual learners. They can display anything from daily routines, to a to-do list, to a weekly schedule of extracurricular activities and chores. Kids start using them as early as 3 years old and continue through elementary school. Some children may rely on them longer; such as kids with ADHD, Aspergers, Autism, NVLD, or other diagnoses. 

The Roscoe Learning Responsibility Star Chart set helps develop responsibility, goal setting, and co-operation in young children. Designed to address the weaknesses found in other products, our set is the direct result of feedback from hundreds of parents and caregivers. Easy to customize for use as a chore, behavior, incentive, reward, or responsibility chart.
Dry erase board and marker. The colorful design is printed on a long lasting dry erase covering. Measuring 16.5 x 13.5 inches, our board is larger than other brands which provides a less crowded space for tracking progress. The board itself is not magnetic and will not stick to a refrigerator door. Use the color coordinated cord to hang it from a nail, hook, or doorknob.

In search of an inspiring magnetic star chart to help your kid become more responsible?
On the lookout for a reusable learning chore board to be offered on a loved kid’s birthday?
Whizbuilders has released a mind-blowing reward chart that will turn your kids into stars in all their daily obligations!

Kids LOVE reward. And this dry erase magnetic chore chart, hanging gloriously on the fridge will inspire them to get in charge of their activity and be rewarded with a dazzling star every time they make it! 

Glass mason jar 16 ounce. Silver lid Made in USA. Not for use with food.
Give these plastic metallic coins 4 different colors to kids as classroom rewards when they’re “caught being good". Let students trade these play coins for their favorite rewards from your treasure chest or use them as classroom incentives!

A fun reward for good behavior and a proven winner for parties and school events. This colorful coin collection features one side with a smiley face and the other side with an inscription reading I WAS CAUGHT BEING GOOD. Each 100 pieces in polybag. Ages 3+

Chores Make Me Snore  Does your child avoid helping and being responsible?
If you answered YES!, this book will encourage your child to develop their resourcefulness and independence.
If your requests for help are met with something like, “Chores make me snore. They’re a drag and a bore. What I'd really adore is to play a bit more.”

Reinforce kindness, respect, unselfishness, and helpfulness - positive character traits that will last your child a lifetime! 

At Learn and Climb our mission is simple: to provide parents with the tools necessary for helping their children learn and climb to new heights in their development and education! We are parents helping families by providing products geared toward pairing fun and education in a way that promotes critical thinking.
The Learn and Climb Rewards Chart Book System helps reinforce positive behavior while teaching children responsibility using the fundamental principles of positive reinforcement.
You and your kids will be able to set weekly goals and attainable rewards that your child can earn through good behavior and the accomplishment of simple tasks and household chores. The psychology of positive reinforcement and rewards really works, and you’ll notice real, measurable behavioral changes within the first few weeks. 

The Melissa & Doug Magnetic Responsibility and Chore Chart contains a pair of fabric hinged dry erase boards with 90 magnets featuring behavior and rewards
This kids’ responsibility chart has been designed to help kids develop strong responsibility traits and good behavior. The reward magnets inspire children with positive feedback

The Melissa & Doug Magnetic Responsibility and Chore Chart makes an exceptional gift for kids 3 years and up. Add the Melissa & Doug My First Daily Calendar to round out the hands on, screen free play experience 

Children thrive when given new tasks and activities to complete. They will stay motivated and disciplined when all their hard work is displayed visually for the whole family to see. There are a host of included task magnets for a wide range of chores and even manners. Plus, there are some blank magnets that you can write or draw whatever you want on them. The sturdy magnet board comes with a dry erase marker and can be written or drawn directly on and then erased and updated. Each board is split into 7 days of the week with a column for activities. You or your child can add reward stars to track their progress or use the included marker to keep a tally of their accomplishments. Teach the special child in your life how rewarding it is to learn and master a new skill in a way that turns learning into play and fun! 

This fun and empowering chart featuring Disney favorites, such as Mickey and friends, helps kids three and up learn to manage their responsibilities, behaviors, and goals. The double-sided wooden magnetic board includes 90 magnets highlighting responsibilities, positive behaviors, rewards, and a blank magnet for personalizing. There's a behavior chart on one side and a magnetic dry-erase board which keeps all the magnets close at hand, on the other side. 

Chore Cards Household Deck | 54 Household Chores | Reward & Responsibility
Household chores are chores that only need to be done once to be complete such as take out trash or get mail. These cards have a writable space which allows parents to be specific with each chore. There are checkboxes to select if the chore card is the child’s responsibility or if it is a chore that the child can earn tickets for & how many tickets each chore can earn. Tickets can then be redeemed for items, within the parent’s parameters, that will motivate your child such as screen time, money, or used to purchase other reward items like extra playtime, playdate, or items at a family store. 

The Berenstain Bears and the Trouble with Chores
Papa Bear and the cubs are having some trouble with chores—they don't want to do them! When they decide to take a break from cleaning, Mama Bear plays along. But what will happen when the mess builds up . . . and up . . . and up?

Catch them in the act of behaving well!
Each week, adults and children can work together to select and keep track of behaviors and responsibilities, then reward them and watch those good habits multiply!
In addition to promoting a sense of accomplishment, the Magnetic Responsibility Chart offers children resources for improving confidence, self-esteem, and independence.
Children thrive on a sense of achievement. When they accomplish a task a reward of the star gives them that much-needed encouragement and get them excited to try to new tasks/ chores.
You may start by targeting only a few sets of activities and then increase them as kids get interested.
You will notice the difference, you will hear more please and thank you, homework gets done on time and an overall better attitude towards learning. 

"Daskid Task Chart" is a magnetic dry erase chart for children 2 years and up, that aim to encourage responsibility and independence at an early age. It allows you to set goals for Morning Chores, Bedtime Chores, Household Chores, Manners Chores, Potty Training Chores.The reward chart acknowledges children's positive behavioral changes by rewarding them and keeping them motivated to continue being responsible.
Children can collect stars for the kids chore chart each time they demonstrate the relevant behavior and then exchange the stars for a reward later on.
Easily Record and Encourage Your Child’s Achievements. This toddler/childrens reward chart for kids has a thick, strong magnet to hold it securely to any metal surface, your fridge is ideal. You can easily add your own personalized chores for your child’s needs with the included magnetic dry-erase marker. Educational and fun for schools and nurseries too. Record their achievements and see their happy smile every time they receive a star.

Creative QT Chore Sticks for Kids - Make Chores a Game - Interactive Family Activity Combine Responsibility with Rewards - A Fun Alternative to a Chore Chart
The original Chore Sticks are a playful introduction to all kinds of regular chores around the house. You will hardly recognize your own children as they complete each task and come running back to see what’s next. Our blend of regular chore sticks and fun, surprise sticks makes this an entertaining approach to housework for the entire family!
Take the fight out of clean-up time with this engaging approach to your household “to do” list

Grab your chore sticks, draw your surprise and carefully complete your task to see what you’ll pick next! 

This chart includes chores from a wide variety of disciplines, from taking out the trash and making the bed to showing respect and sharing. These tasks are catered to children of all ages, so you can start with a few simple tasks and add more as your child grows. The attached string allows you to hang it wherever your child will see it. Use the 56 magnetic stars to reward little ones as they complete each task to make chore time fun and encourage good behavior! 

Catch children in the act of behaving well and reward them, then watch those good habits multiply! Open the fabric-hinged boards to reveal a behavior chart on one board, while the other board keeps all the magnets close at hand. A sturdy cord is attached for hanging the chart. The set includes a dry-erase board and 90 magnets, featuring responsibilities, positive behaviors, and rewards. This kids’ responsibility chart has been designed to help kids develop strong responsibility traits and encourage good behavior. Parents can discuss with kids what responsibility means and why it’s important. They can also share what some of their own responsibilities are, then talk about what kinds of behaviors and responsibilities are expected of their kids. Use the magnets provided to talk about specific tasks and behaviors. 

Having trouble getting your kids to pick up after themselves? Are you endlessly prompting them to do their homework? Wouldn't you love to hear please and thank you more often? The "I Can Do It!" Reward Chart can help!
Children thrive on praise and a little incentive goes a long way. This chart gives parents the tools to help raise more responsible, self- reliant kids.

Unlike other chore charts, the "I Can Do It!" Reward Chart is easy to use and has fun colorful pictures to go along with the tasks to help the child associate words with the task. Kids develop a positive self-esteem and sense of independence when they feel they are contributing to the family and can make their own choices. Motivating instead of trying to control your child's behaviors will help mold him or her to be the best they can be. The best parenting books have been stressing these concepts for years. The "I Can Do It!" reward chart brings some of these valuable lessons to life. 

These punch card are great for use by teachers as well as parents and can be used with kids of most ages. You can use it as a reward system to give kids responsibilities and they are proud to take charge of, they'll earn prizes when the card is filled. Keep kids behavior well and keep unwanted behaviors at bay.
Pack of 100 punch cards, great and easy way to have children earn a reward for working at and achieving their goals.
Helpful for teachers using in classroom as a reward for good behavior, easier than stickers.
Great for kids reward system, use them as incentives for kids to do chores. Do a chore get a punch, when the card is filled they get whatever reward they picked
Rounded corners, prevent children from being scratched by cards 

Mega Marbles Kids Good Job Jar Reinforces Good Behavior - Includes 100+ Marbles & 5 Large Marbles
Mega Marbles Good Job Jar Reinforces Good Behavior - Includes Over 100 Marbles & 5 Large Marbles A reward system using marbles to reinforce good behavior. Includes instructions, lot of colorful marbles, and a jumbo pouch in a reusable canister with convenient handled lid that lays flat for storage. Comes with 100+ marbles!
  The Jr. Good Job. Jar is just the right size for individual children to have their own jar. Fun, interactive reward system for a Job Well Done on schoolwork, chores, etc. Comes with over 100 marbles, a storage pouch, suggested uses, and re-usable canister with handle. 

Want to encourage your child to help out at home? Get the HOMEN’STARS REWARD CHART FOR KIDS A Weekly RESPONSIBILITY CHART with Magnets for Tracking Chores. REWARD CHART FOR TODDLERS ready to use in 5 easy steps.
AGE APPROPRIATE – For 3 -10-year-olds FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE – Name Tags for up to 3 Children - names, goals, and rewards MISSION-ORIENTED – 60 illustrated tags + 7 blank ones GOAL-ORIENTED – 180 stackable stars & 30 smiley stickers UNIQUE EXTRAS – Downloadable contract & certificate EASY TO USE – Choose tasks, goal, and rewards.
Developed in collaboration with a U.S. expert in child psychology, the HOMEN’STARS MAGNETIC CHORE CHART FOR KIDS promotes positive habits while children learn responsibility, accountability & communication as they develop a sense of accomplishment. 

Includes simple chores for young ones & more challenging chores for older children.
Step 2:CONFIGURE YOUR SHORE CHART- connect the chart panels, add title cards & labels.
1.Introduce the Chore Chart configuration that you will be using.
2.Let the children select a self-care deck.
3.Together select chores that you would like your child to complete the next day.
4.Time to Settle Up! Review what chores have been completed throughout the day & what has been earned. Pay them their tickets for that day and together choose new chores for the next day. A common time is in the evening. They will be excited to plan what they will earn next! 

Yoyoboko's Ele-Fun Star Chart is a behavior chart for 3 to 8 year old children that aims to encourage responsibility and independence at an early age. The reward chart acknowledges children's positive behavior changes by rewarding them and keeping them motivated to continue being responsible. Kids earn stars for their chore chart each time they demonstrate a relevant behavior, which can be exchange for a reward later on.
Our chore magnets feature vibrant illustrations to assist children who can't read yet. There are also 3 blank tiles for extra chores included. If those aren't enough, any additional chores can be written directly on the chart in the chore boxes. 

MegaFun USA Good Job Jar with Mega Marbles
The Good Job! Jar is perfect for positive reinforcement for achievements and good behavior
Jar includes over 200 regular-sized marbles, 5 large shooter marbles, a canvas storage bag and booklet with instructions or suggested activites
Begin the reinforcement discussion with how marbles are earned, lost and what bonus rewards are offered for reaching marble milestones!
Kids will love earning these 100% glass marbles for chores or good grades and watching their jar of marbles fill to the top

Recommended for ages 5 years and up; Made in North America 

Time to Get Started: A Story About Learning to Take Initiative
Blake doesn't understand why he has to clean his room RIGHT NOW. He'll get to it eventually!
Luckily for Blake, his mom is there to help him understand why it's important to get started on tasks right away.
By exploring his reasons for putting off the things he is supposed to do, Blake soon realizes that he is simply making excuses.

Join Blake as he and his mom go through a few simple steps to help him take initiative and get things done.

Beyond the Chore Chart: Chores, Kids, and the Secret to a Happy Mom Have you tried to get your children to help out around the house? Do you stress out over the state of their messy rooms? Do your children ignore your carefully crafted chore chart?
Is it easier for you to just do the job yourself? Do your children view helping out around the house as punishment?
If you answered yes to any of these, then, Beyond the Chore Chart: Chores, Kids, and the Secret to a Happy Mom is just for you! When it comes to books on chores, we moms need something that would go beyond just hanging up an age appropriate chore chart up on the wall, and assuming everyone would catch on and start helping out. There’s a process to getting your helpers to really help you out, and in this book I share my own tricks of the trade, getting your little helpers to become big helpers!
Learn the secret to getting your kids to help you with household chores, without yelling at your kids.

Kids Daily Checklist and Chore Tracker: Daily & Weekly Chore Chart Notebook Pad. Professionals and Household Productivity Task Agenda Diary, Chores ... 120 pages. (Responsibility Organizer)
Plan and make a checklist of your everyday chores with our easy to use Daily Chores Notebook. A perfect journal to help you organize your daily cleaning and tidying up activities. 
Week of, Date, Daily Responsibility, Weekly Responsibility, Bonus Task, Note

Extra note pages at the back to write in quick reminders and important information. 

Smart Novelty Super Jumbo Toy Assortment Includes A Vast Variety of Over 200 Toys and Prizes for Rewards
This quality toy assortment was assembled so you can have a wide range of fun small to mid sized toys to hand out at parties, carnivals, school classroom rewards, at home prize box, doctors/ dental office reward for good behavior, and much more. Let your kids, students, or patients choose from this super variety of children's favorite toys and prizes. With this exclusive Smart Novelty toy assortment you will always have an exciting toy or prize handy for any occasion. 

Prizes Box Toy Assortment for Boys Girls, Treasure Box Prizes
Each product is carefully designed and combined to suit the children's hobbies and is perfect for children's gifts,they will be very excited and enjoy these prizes and toys for a long time. Great for chore rewards! 

Treasure box prizes use environmentally friendly, non-toxic, high-quality materials, not easy damaged,we value the health of every kid,you can buy them with confidence