Monthly Subscriptions Boxes For Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder 

The DeveloPLAY Box

The DeveloPLAY box is a monthly subscription box filled with sensory and motor tools and toys geared toward children with Autism, attention deficits, anxiety, emotional and behavioral disorders, and developmental delays but FUN for ALL children! Each box has a variety of toys hand picked by a licensed pediatric Occupational Therapist and is delivered directly to your doorstep. The DeveloPLAY box is more than just a sensory box! It is unique because it includes therapeutic sensory and motor toys that aid with regulating the body and mind, as well as building motor skills needed for dressing, eating, writing, and playing. It's super easy to sign up and discover new tools and toys every month! 

Monthly Mini Toolbox Subscription (AUS)

Monthly Mini Toolbox Subscription (AUS)
Our Monthly Mini Toolbox Subscription is an amazing offer for families who need updated tools on a regular basis to support their loved ones.  Our Monthly Mini Toolbox Subscription works by signing up to our subscription program (cancel anytime.. no lock in contracts!) and at the start of each month receiving a Mini Toolbox package direct to your home with all shipping included!  
Each month a different selection of our existing and new sensory tools will be sent to you to the value of $65 in our handy drawstring bag for easy transportation.  We have a large variety of sensory tools in our library and are ever increasing and expanding our range. Our sensory tools cover both seeking and avoiding tools across all of our range of senses.

Box Of Sensory Toys 

Welcome to the magic of play with Box of Sensory Toys! 
 Creatively curated by a children's therapist, Box of Sensory Toys delivers monthly, therapeutic fun 
Recommended for kids from 4-10 years and older, our sensory toy boxes include some toys or items that can be enjoyed as a family  
Our sensory tools may be calming, regulating, skill-building and fun
Curated especially for kids with Autism, ADHD, SPD and other sensory needs, our sensory boxes include items that are beloved and beneficial for typically developing kids, as well
Two subscription options are currently available - the Kid's VIP Box Club starting or Kid's Mailer Club