A.D.H.D Therapy Toys & Tools

Munchables Chewable Accessories (Canada)

From 'manly' dog tags and cutesy owl pendants and robot pencil toppers, Munchables tries to have a sensory aide that every child would feel confident using. These inconspicuous, stylish fidget accessories aides divert chewing from fingers and clothes.   Made of 100% silicone - with no potentially hazardous chemical additives such as BPA, lead or phthalates.

Busy Body Kids
The Busy Body Kids "hugs" shirt compression clothing helps children who are hyposensitive and crave constant input. Compression clothing helps children who have sensory processing disorders such as autism, anxiety disorders, auditory processing disorders, and ADHD. Children who love jumping, bumping, and crashing activities, as well as deep pressure such as those provided by tight bear hugs and squeezes.

Busy Body Kids compression clothing is functional yet stylish. These one-of-a-kind designs were created so children can wear them as underwear or also as outerwear and feel comforted and secure.

RelaxPack (USA)
RelaxPack, a patent-pending Sensory Backpack, was created by a pediatric Occupational Therapist to provide children with soothing comfort on the go. The unique features provide include:
**The Hug Belt for deep pressure
**Sensory strips for fidgeting
**D-rings to attach oral chewies
**Headphone port to play comforting music
**Phone and tablet sleeve, that can also be used to insert a vibration pack
...Making this a one-of-a-kind Multi-Sensory Backpack!

ErgoErgo (USA)

At ErgoErgo, we're passionate about our mission: improving lives through active sitting. We were made to move!

Sitting on the award-winning ErgoErgo stools encourages good posture, improves focus and concentration, and addresses key aspects of UDL. Stable and robust, ErgoErgo products are Child Product Safety-compliant and have passed the rigorous standards of the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers of America. Proudly made in the USA of recyclable technopolymer. 

My Sensory Tools (USA)

Welcome to My Sensory Tools, a toy store on a mission. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, our mission is to ensure children have access to the fidget toys and sensory tools they need to reduce stress and stay focused in school and on everyday tasks.  
Ease your anxious mind and hands with products that twist and turn, bend, squish and squeeze. Soothe and calm anxiety with our weighted and lavender scented plush animals. Choose from skill building toys and activities that challenge the mind, promote hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. Sensory chewelry for children who like to chew, those with autism, sensory processing disorder or other special needs.

b-Calm Hideaway

The b-Calm GP system is our base model which includes Audio Sedation that acts as an “acoustic shield”, allowing the individual to have control of the sound environment, and helping reduce off task behaviors and irritability. Individuals will love how disturbing noises are blocked and replaced with familiar and soothing sounds from nature and the world around them. Noise canceling headphones and earbuds are included.

Sensory Smart Clothing (Canada)
Sensory Smart Clothing Co. is a line of kids wear made specifically with sensory sensitive children in mind. Every piece is created with special features like no tags, outside seams and ultra soft fabrics to ensure it is comfortable for all children, even those with sensitivities. Our items are handmade in BC, Canada in small batches which allows us to ensure high quality and customer service standards. 

Happy Hair Brush (Aus/International)
The Happy Hair Brush is a very special combination of nylon pins and boar bristles on a large vented curved paddle head which makes brushing knotty, matted or crazy hair drama free. No more tangles. No more tears and fights to brush hair. This brush incorporates a mix of 5 different hairbrushes and combs styles into one. This brush is awesome for any hair (afro, long, thick, thin and whispy, curly, tangled and the best part, it actually works ! We guarantee it.

Calming Clipper (USA)

 Calming Clipper is a silent alternative to noisy electric clippers.  Anyone can use it at home and it's perfect for those with sensory sensitivity.  The 9 piece kit includes the special scissors, a 7 comb set with lengths from 1/2" up to 1" and a comb organizer.  There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee for one year.

My Sensory Toolbox Logo

My Sensory Toolbox (AUS)
My Sensory Toolbox was developed by a team of allied health professionals, including child psychologists, a physiotherapist, occupational therapists, a speech pathologist and an early childhood intervention teacher.  Through this product, we want to make it easy for children to access the sensory support they need to encourage critical short-term and long-term neurological changes. Additionally, we want to help children self-regulate during times of distress. This product is suitable for children, as well as some adults, with autism, sensory processing disorders, ADHD, anxiety and other special needs.

Gummy Chic (Germany/USA/International)

GUMMY CHIC - Is a family own business that offers modern and trendy Silicone Chew accessories like Chew Necklaces, pencil toppers, zipper pulls, key chains and teethers for all ages.  We believe that sensory accessories can be modern, stylish and functional at the same time.   All of our accessories are made out of food grade silicone, FREE from BPA, phthalates, cadmium, lead and heavy metals. FDA approved. Silicone is antimicrobial and does not collect mold.
Chew necklaces are a great way for Moms to keep babies entertained while they are teething, nursing or babywearing. They are also a great sensory tool for adults and kids who have a need to chew, anxiety or fidgety hands

My Spectrum Heroes (USA)
My Spectrum Heroes™ was created to provide a trusted resource for support, education, and empowerment of parents, caregivers, clinicians, and anyone who serves a loved one with autism, ADHD, and/or neurocognitive challenges.
We are committed to improving the health, learning, behavior, and neurocognitive function of individuals with autism and/or ADHD by providing only the highest quality nutritional support products that have been selectively formulated based on scientific studies, clinical trials, and evidence-based research. With contributions from some of the most innovative scientists, doctors, and researchers, My Spectrum Heroes™ is dedicated to becoming  a valuable source of information and resources for autism, ADHD, and Neurocognitive impairment.

Sensory4U (USA)
Start here for Sensory Fun. Awaken your Kids senses! We strive to make sensory toys that can will provide hours of fun and a therapeutic experience!
Dew Drops Water Bead Sensory Bin Kits - Our themed sets will provide hours of fun and imaginative play. Perfect for early educational activities. A deep jungle exploration or a day with the dinosaurs are just a couple activities waiting to be had!
We strive to make sensory toys that can will provide hours of fun and a therapeutic experience!

Kozie Clothes (USA)

Kozie Clothes provides specialized apparel and products for children with special needs. The line features adorable, kid friendly products that offer therapeutic benefits, safety and ease of use. It is the combination of neuroscience principles methodically woven into trendy and relevant products that truly make the clothing applicable to your child's daily life.

Box Of Sensory Toys

Welcome to the magic of play with Box of Sensory Toys! 
 Creatively curated by a children's therapist, Box of Sensory Toys delivers monthly, therapeutic fun 
Recommended for kids from 4-10 years and older, our sensory toy boxes include some toys or items that can be enjoyed as a family  
Our sensory tools may be calming, regulating, skill-building and fun
Curated especially for kids with Autism, ADHD, SPD and other sensory needs, our sensory boxes include items that are beloved and beneficial for typically developing kids as well. 

Wellnessed Boutique 
Our Star Essence sensory goods are designed to help teachers and parents create an environment where children can quickly and naturally take care of their sensory needs. The Star Essence sensory goods come in four different essential oil blends Awesome Blend,  Energy Blend, Focus Blend, and Relax Blend. SAFE, NON TOXIC RAW MATERIALS We have carefully researched the raw materials used in our products to ensure we are providing safe, non-toxic, all natural sensory tools that children will enjoy while helping to self-regulate throughout the day.
Each product uses the power of aromatherapy and pure essential oils that are a powerful and quick way to affect memory, hormones and emotions.

Wikki Stix (USA)

Creative activity toy, crafting medium and teaching tool...educational and fun! Shape, stick, play and learn.  No glue/No mess.  Made in USA for 25 years. Wikki Stix are available for shipping in the USA and internationally.

Hungry Cutters 
We are an internet based company whose mission is to sell quality toys for young children that promote fine motor development.
Our toys have been designed and engineered by occupational therapists with over 20 years experience working with children of all levels. Our toys can be used by parents, educators, pediatric occupational therapists and pediatric ABA therapists.
 Check in with us regularly as we will be launching original toys for your child’s fine motor growth!

Therapy Shoppe (USA)
Therapy Shoppe is a charming little occupational therapist-operated specialty shop that features innovative sensory products, fidget tools, therapy toys, oral motor chewies, wiggle seats, handwriting specialties, weighted and deep pressure specialties, and other hard-to-find sensorimotor favorites for families, therapists, teachers, and special needs kids. Voted the #1 "Favorite Vendor for Pediatric Therapy Products" – this friendly one-stop-shop is well-known for their very personal customer service, quality products, great prices, fast shipping, and fun little bright pink catalog!

SmartKnitKIDS (USA)

SmartKnitKIDS® patented seamless products are perfect for children experiencing sensory processing differences, hypersensitivity or who simply can’t stand annoying seams! Our super soft socks, undies, compresso-ts and bralettes for sensitive skin will not wrinkle or bunch and are proven to reduce irritation.

Emagine A (USA)
Better mornings for the whole family! The bedside companion that improves sleep and helps wake better through proven science. Deep sleepers wake up refreshed while providing sleep training for early risers. Tick Tock Turtle's simple light up pattern also teaches children of all ages how to tell time!

Kore Design LLC Kore Stools
The leader in ACTIVE SITTING – enables and increases *SECONDARY FOCUS*! Think better which promotes better learning and attention to details. Replace a traditional chair with a Kore—They will feel the difference!
Ideal for children with ADD or ADHD, as well as a strong way to keep focus, the Kids Kore Wobble Chair provides an outlet for restlessness and extra energy. This means a higher level of attention, focus, and retention for each and every student. Click the button below to view the Kore Chair in 3D.

The Sensory Kids Store 

The Sensory Kids Store™ was born out of a desire to help parents, educators, doctors and therapists of sensational kids, and children with developmental differences, easily find what they need. We offer something for everyone—since everyone benefits from a healthy "sensory diet!"

Our comprehensive, yet carefully chosen, stock of developmental and sensory toys, therapeutic aides and sensory clothing is available online and by private appointment to parent groups, schools and clinics. 

Inclusive, simple & fun because finding what you need for your special kid should be easy!

City Threads Clothing
We create super soft, 100% cotton pants, shirts, dresses, and underwear for children. For years, many of our customers tell us it's perfect for their children with sensory and allergy challenges. We make pants and shorts without buttons, zippers, or snaps. Our underwear and pants have fabric-covered elastic waistbands. We also don't use harsh chemicals or dyes, many of our clothes are 100% cotton, and we have an ever-growing list of organic cotton styles, and use 100% cotton thread whenever possible. Making clothing locally allows us to closely monitor our production and the materials used.

City Threads

Safe Place Bedding
Safe Place Bedding
We’re Jon and Amara Smith, happily married for 17 years and the proud parents of Skyler, Alara and Abigail. We created the Safe Place Travel Bed to solve our own sleep struggles with Skyler, who has Angelman Syndrome. For seven years, we never had a peaceful night together in our own bed – one of us always had to be with him at night. It was exhausting, and the constant sleep deprivation was hard on our relationship and our other children.
Then we discovered that he slept well in enclosed spaces – finally a solution! But we looked around and found that safety beds were wildly expensive, and none of them were portable. He would be fine at home, but what about taking family vacations or going to see Grandma? So, we created a safety bed that we could both use at home and take anywhere. It changed our lives, and that’s when we knew we had to share our product with the world.


Bleuet offers apparel designed for growing tween and teen girls, giving them confidence in their bodies and the freedom to do what they love. Designed by a mom of a daughter who is sensory sensitive, Bleuet apparel is itch-free, tag-free and made with minimal seams for comfort in ultra-soft performance, moisture-wicking fabric.  The company's mission is to help girls feel more comfortable and confident as they grow; to support parents in raising kind, confident daughters; and to give to girls in need as well as investing in young female tween and teen entrepreneurs. Bleuet is proud to partner with manufacturers who provide safe working conditions and ensure living wages for its workers.

Sensory Jungle 
Founded in 2015, Sensory Jungle is a small family-owned business that all started when our Founder, DJ, and his family began to navigate a Sensory Processing Disorder diagnosis for their oldest daughter.
18 products (and counting!) later, Sensory Jungle's mission is to provide the highest quality products at affordable prices thereby giving parents the option to provide the best for their kids. Sensory Jungle is also committed to providing expert level information, resources, and training to help you and your family navigate the waters of a special needs diagnosis.
Sensory Jungle was created out of love and necessity, and it is our sincere hope that all of our products benefit you and your family in a special way!

Lucky And Me Clothing
Lucky & Me create comfy kids underwear and basics kids love to wear every day. Always tag free, and made from luxurious fabrics that are super soft, smooth to the touch, and free of harmful chemicals, these clothes are designed to be sensory friendly. You'll find fun colors and playful designs - all at affordable prices. Available in size 2/3 through 9/10 for growing girls and boys.