Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Fidgets 

This pop bubble fidget is a great sensory tool to relieve yourself, providing great sensory interaction, and is a great fidget tool for hair pullers, skin pickers and other sensory seekers. Bright colors and pleasant sounds are sure to please any child. The push pop bubble fidget sensory toy is portable, can be played in a car, restaurant, school, etc.
Push pop bubble fidget sensory toy help to restore the mood, is a home essentials and parent-child games, great for kids with ADD or ADHD and people with OCD or high stress/anxiety levels
Push pop fidget toy is made of food grade silicone material with excellent craftsmanship, non-toxic, tasteless, and could be reused and cleaned for a long time
The pop toy has endless fun, just press the mouse bubbles down and they make a slight popping sound, then flip it over and start again

Wikki Stix
Simply stated…they stick! No glue, no paste, no mess. Just press them down with light fingertip pressure on virtually any smooth surface and they will stick. They are also easy to peel up and reposition so “mistakes” virtually disappear.
Plus, they stick to each other for 3-D creativity and fun. Twist, bend, stick, create. That’s it! No preparation… no clean-up… no mess.

A palmful of tickley tactile fun! Tickley Tactile Balls are an awesome fidgeter featuring 100's of wispy, rubbery strands that fidgeting fingers adore... plus a small stretchy loop so you can string it on a breakaway necklace, wear it like a ring, or hook it onto your backpack!  These neat 2-1/2" koosh ball like sensory ball fidgets are a favorite of sensory seekers!

Flashing Puffer Balls Squeezable Stress Squishy Toy
Balls light up when squeezed, also develop child’s motor skills.
Each ball are approximately 3.9" x 3.8 " with a 3 inch string
1*Flashing Puffer Balls Squeezable Stress Squishy Toy Stress Relief Ball For Fun

A soft stretchy puffer ball that lights up, easy to use and easy to play, good for kids.

Fidget Toys Stress and Anxiety Relief Marble Mesh Fidget Toy - Pack of 10 Silent Mesh and Marble Fidget Toy
The mesh and marble fidget toy helps improve attention and offers stress and anxiety relief. They are highly recommended by therapists and teachers as silent sensory fidgets for classroom with ADHD & concentration issues. Our fidget toys stress and anxiety relief calm you & help increase focus and attention.
With their texture & smooth, these ADHD fidget toys for sensory kids will BREAK HABITS like nail biting, twisting hair, or pen ticking. 

Sensory Toys - Calming Stretchy Stress and Anxiety Relief Fidget Toys - 6pk Textured
Bunmo textured stretchy string anxiety relief toys are the perfect sensory toys for relieving impulses in Autistic children. Widely used for traits of Autism, ADHD, and ADD.
Bumps, Ridges, Durable, Strong and Calming Sensory Toys - Fun to Wrap, Stretch, Squeeze, Squish and Snap
Bright vibrant colors and patterns make for a great learning tool and stress relief toy. The sensory toy makes you focus on one sensation at a time, allowing you to concentrate better.
6 Pack / 6 Colors – Each super stretchy fidget toy is 11 inches long and can stretch to over 7 feet.
Bunmo anxiety fidget toys are always easy to clean, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and absolutely no phthalates or BPAs.

Fidget Toys for Adults and Kids - Calming Stretchy String Stocking Stuffers - 6 Pack
BunMo Stretchy String anxiety relief toys are the perfect sensory toys for autistic children. Widely used for Autism, Adhd and Add
Durable, Strong and Calming Fidget Toys - Fun to Wrap, Stretch, Squeeze, Squish and Twirl
Learning Tools. With bright, vibrant colors. Create patterns, shapes, letters and numbers. Increase focus with our stress relief toys
6 Pack, 6 Colors – Each super stretchy fidget toy is 11 inches long and can stretch to over 9 feet
3rd Party Test Anxiety Toys, easy to clean, hypoallergenic, nontoxic, and absolutely no phthalates or Bpa's

BunMo Pop Tubes Sensory Toys - 12pk - Fine Motor Skills Toddler Toys - Fidget Toys for Sensory Kids and Learning Toys
Poppin’ Pipes are fun and functional sensory toys that pop, stretch, and connect making these pop tubes the go-to toy for playtime.
These stretch toys are made for all busy little fingers but are also exciting toys for special needs children.
Special needs toys like these sensory tubes provide tactile stimulation, fine motor skills and auditory feedback.
Tired of finding a tube toy hiding under the couch? The BunMo Poppin’ Pipes sensory toy kit comes with a bright fun storage box to make clean up time a breeze!

Spiky Sensory Ring / Bracelet Fidget Toy (Pack of 3) - No BPA, Phthalate, Latex - Fidgets Toys / Stress Rings for Children and Adults Whether in search of a new fidget toy or tactile / sensory toy, our spiky rings are amazing. Twist, throw, squeeze and grab them! They're great for sensory and tactile stimulation, as a tactile roll or a sensory brush. A great alternative to other sensory toys, including sensory brushes, rolls and sticks. Each unit is 4" in diameter. 3-pack as shown
Fidget and sensory toys are great for children ages 3+ and adults, but especially those with ADD / ADHD, OCD, autism, or high anxiety levels. These toys help promote a sense of calm, help reduce stress and anxiety and can help increase focus and attention

Durable Textured Stretchy String Fidget and Sensory Toy - 15 Packs of Individually Packaged Monkey Noodles We at Kelz Kidz have again taken a popular toy and developed it to a new level! Each box contains 5 different noodle textures for a much more enhanced sensory experience. Check out our “Bumpy”, “Spiky”, “Ridges”, “Liner”, and of course our classic “Smooth”. Every noodle has ball endings for a greater grip as you pull and stretch for loads of fun! These extra stimuli are especially beneficial for those with Autism, ADD, and Anxiety!
When we write Kids Safe we really mean it. As with all of our toys, we test our Stretchy Strings under highly qualified testing labs to ensure that every aspect of our construction is completely safe for kids and adults alike. They are 100% latex free, BPA free, and fully hypoallergenic.

Imaginations soar as the hours fly by bending this 15" rubbery band into infinite shapes and designs!  This awesome sensory toy is a great silent fidget toy for school classrooms, traveling, waiting rooms and restaurants... it's safe and easy to take just about anywhere.  Wrap it around your pencil for one fun sensory pencil grip!  A great stress reliever, too! Bendeezs are designed for all ages. Bendeez come in very cool assorted bright color combos. Kids, teens, and adults ages 4-up all love Bendeez!

BunMo Stretchy Strings Toys - Fidget Toys for Kids and Adults Alike - Durable Stretchy Toys Increases Focus and Reduces Anxiety - 15pk
Transform with us: BunMo's sensory fidget toys and anxiety toys relieve overwhelming feelings. Say goodbye to out-of-control behavior and become a more confident person with our fidget toys.
Exciting toys for all: Our stretchy strings provide tactile stimulation help with fine motor skills development. Playing with them produces no noise, making them the perfect quiet sensory toys for autistic children. Increase hand and arm strength by simply fidgeting with these toys.

Ziggy Pasta features oodles and oodles of fidgeting, zig-zaggy noodles that "ooze" ever-so-softly through your fingers. A delightfully soothing sensory toy sensation! A fun way to provide therapeutic tactile input for children who are hypersensitive to textures and touch (tactile defensiveness). You'll love these wonderfully unique tactile sensory balls. 

Grape Ball Squeeze Toy Grape ball can be randomly squeeze to any shape.
Helping you relax your hands and promote the blood circulation.
Interesting grape ball style can stress relieving when you squeeze toy.

If you are looking for a cool stress reliever or a smooth bouncy ball to play around, you should be own and use this grape squeeze ball

BunMo - Mini Pop Tubes - Fidget Toys for Kids and Sensory Toys for Autistic Children - Occupational Therapy Toys - 8pk
Grow with BunMo: The Mini Pop Tubes are excellent sensory toys for autistic children and adults. Say goodbye to out-of-control behavior, and become a more confident person with our fidget toys.
Exciting toys for all: These tubes provide tactile stimulation, auditory feedback and help with fine motor skills making them the perfect sensory toys for autistic children. Feel less overwhelmed with our autism toys and be amazed.

Squishy Sand-Filled Banana - Moldable Sensory, Stress, Squeeze Fidget Toy ADHD Special Needs Soothing
This banana stress toy is so fun to manipulate. This banana is filled with a fine granular filling surrounded by a soft and stretchy silicone shell. This makes the banana irresistible since you can squeeze, poke, pull, stretch and bend it! Smash it flat and bring it back to its original shape. Fidgets are made for…… fidgeters. Fidgets are great for Focus. Fidgets are great for calming anxiety. Those with ADD/ADHD, OCD, Autism or those who are simply nervous can benefit from the calming and repetitive movements of a fidget toy.

FlexiBlox Fidget
The twisted puzzles are made of wood connected with elastic rope, durable enough for you to twist it Each mini puzzle is about 6.14 inches/ 15.6 cm after spreading, mini size for you to carry it in your pocket Each wooden puzzle has 6 colors, 12 blocks in total, color looks nice and bright. This flexible puzzle can fully develop children's intelligence, train hand-eye coordination and improve memory; Note: suitable for children over 12 years old. Each bendable fidget puzzle can be twisted in any imaginable way, a lot of fun for fidgety people. 

Monkey Fidgetz Mesh-and-Marble Fidget Toy - 8-Pack
PERFECT FOR CHILDREN OF ALL NEEDS: Fidget and sensory toys are great for all children ages 3+ and adults, but especially those with ADD / ADHD, OCD, autism, or high anxiety levels. These toys help promote a sense of calm, reduce stress / anxiety and can increase focus / attention

Tangle Think From test taking, to essay writing, or even working in the office, the Tangle BrainTools Think is designed to help your mind work while occupying your hands. Slightly larger in diameter than other Tangle BrainTools, the Think provides you with more rubberized, textured surface area for subtle brain stimulation and increased brain activity. Tangle BrainTools are twistable therapeutic devices that help aid focus and learning by giving the hands something to do. It’s called Fidget to Focus! Scientific evidence proves we are better able to focus when our hands are in motion. It works for people of all ages as well as persons with mental or learning disabilities.

Grampa's Garden Fidget Pocket Pets (Elephant) 
A washable tactile fidget square with an adorable embroidered baby cow, piggy, elephant on black fluffy fabric.
Also available in sequin, laminate fabric, and multi-packs.
The inner cotton pouch is filled with non toxic glass beads. Measures 4" x 4" Not intended for children 2 and under

Elephant Fidget Pocket Pet
Beadeez Squishy Stress Balls with DNA Spiky Textures (3-Pack) Colorful Sensory Toy and Stress Relief for Kids, Adults - Squeezy Water Beads - Promote Calm Focus for ADHD, Autism
Squishy, Spiky, and Colorful Fun – Beadeez! stretchy stress balls feature DNA colored water beads and a spiky to provide both mental and physical stimulation in a safe, non-toxic toy that’s perfect for restoring focus and relieving stress or anxiety.
Exciting Sensory Toy Pack – This 3-pack of stress relief toys for adults and kids are small enough to be enjoyed at home, in the car, at work, or on the go, providing support for those with ADHD, autism, fidgeting, or stress-related behaviors.

My Sensory Tools Helix Finger Fidget
Bright marbled colors, quiet action and mindless fidgeting make this the perfect fidget toy. The nine smooth beads circle the central axis of the Helix with ease! Each Helix is about 3" long and fits easily in the palm of your hand. 

Occupy your hands to let your mind run free. Tangle BrainTools Imagine feature bright and vibrant new colors with latex free rubberized textured bumps. The sensory stimulation is designed specifically to get your mind working. It’s perfect for creating, expressing, studying, or thinking anytime and anywhere. Tangle BrainTools are twistable therapeutic devices that help aid focus and learning by giving the hands something to do. It’s called Fidget to Focus! Scientific evidence proves we are better able to focus when our hands are in motion. It works for people of all ages as well as persons with mental or learning disabilities. Used by teachers, parents, and professionals everywhere, Tangles is quickly becoming a classroom staple.

Wacky Tracks Snap and Click Fidget Toys for Sensory Kids - Snake Puzzles, Assorted Colors (8 Pack)
Wacky tracks snap and click fidget toys are amazing for kids,teens,adults.Tactile Click Fidget Toys help promote a sense of calm, reduce stress, anxiety and can increase focus and attention.
The Snap and Click Fidget Cube Toy is a premier snake puzzle toy.The non-toxic plastic of sensory toys is thick and durable.The quality and durability of tangle fidget toys are exceptional.
Build up your motor skills,eye and hand coordination skills,problem solving skills and expands the mind while sharpening your powers of creation. Amazing toys for engineering or artistically-minded children. 

The Perfect Stress Reliever
Tangle Relax is a therapeutic sensory toy with bumps, grooves, and soothing blue-green hues. It's versatile form makes it a delight to manipulate.
Tangle Relax Therapy builds concentration and fine motor skills through play!
An excellent calming toy for anxious moments.
Lighten your mood with Tangle Therapy toys
A sensory toy for relaxation, fine motor development, play
Just the right size and weight for the hands
Useful for focusing attention at school, at work

Infinity Cube Fidget Toy Stress Relieving Fidgeting Game for Kids and Adults, Cute Mini Unique Gadget for Anxiety Relief
Knee shaking, pen clicking, popping bubble wrap but these movements can drive your collogues and friends away. Use of this gadget. It also improves your focus while studying, working or brainstorming by a simple flip and fold. It's a relaxing, noiseless, and compact tactile sensory never ending cube.
Compact toy perfect for children and individuals with autism, ADHD and hyperthyroidism. It helps to relieve hyperactivity and restlessness, and agitation. It is also useful for people with finger and hand discomfort. It helps to improve the movement and sensitivity of the hands and fingers.

Toysmith Colorful Puffer Ball Caterpillar Party Set Bundle - 3 Pack (Assorted Colors). These cute little critters measure 7.5 inches long and have bodies made of squishy, stretchy tactile segments. Assorted colors - blue, green, purple, pink, and orange. They are perfect for gifts, party favors, stocking stuffers, baskets, special needs, therapy and so much more! For Ages 5 and up.

My Sensory Tools Fidget Cube
The Fidget Widget Cube is designed for anyone who needs to fidget or keep their hands moving. It helps promote a sense of calm, reduce stress and anxiety and increase focus. Each side of the cube has a different function for fidgeting. 

The Original Fidget - Blue, Green & Black Circle Sequin Pillow Fidget Toy for Sensory Therapy
Our Original Fidget Pillow: The Original Fidget strict quality control is a perfect blend of fun, and creative. PROMOTES FOCUS and CONCENTRATION while helping fidget fingers busy. Keeps hands occupied to reduce tension and fill a sensory need. Simple and beautiful. Hidden zipper allows easy removal and insertion of for convenient cleaning. The front of the cushion cover is two-tone sequins which are very shiny, sparkling and high-class. Great to decorate your home and will bring you a relaxing and happy family time. 

Sensory Fidget Snake Cube Twist Puzzle
Expand your mind while sharpening your powers of deduction. These geometric cube puzzles can be manipulated into a wide variety of shapes and objects. Includes object guide. These wooden puzzle fidgets encourage visual learning and teach problem solving, as well as manual dexterity. Each puzzle fidget is comprised of real wooden blocks strung together with durable nylon elastic. The blocks are painted with non-toxic, lead-free paint in a range of colorful hues. They can be manipulated into endless shapes and are great at teaching dexterity, problem solving and color recognition skills.  

Sensory Stretchy Mice And Cheese
Tactile, squeezy Mice can be pulled through a variety of craters in the Stretchy Cheese
The stretchy, bright yellow cube of 'Swiss cheese' contains a pair of similarly elastic, cheerful little white mice
The cheese features a variety of craters into which the mice can be squeezed and threaded through for hours of tactile pleasure
Great Fidget Toy with Detached Mice For Play

This is a fun and retractable toy that can be used as a gift or home decor, this will be a gift that kids or adults like. When you feel stressed during work or study, squeezing it will help you reduce stress. 

Play Visions Multi-Color Light Up Stress Ball - Use For Anxiety Relief, Tactile Therapy Or As A Fun Handheld Toy
This light up molecule stress ball is perfect for both fun and stress relief. Filled with small transparent spheres and a color-changing light module, you get a great squishy feel as the light transmits through the mini balls inside for a wonderfully mesmerizing experience. The molecule ball has many different uses. Use it as a fun light up ball toy or use it as tactile therapy. It is also used as a fidget ball for children with ADHD and Autism. No matter how you use it, you will love both the transcendent changing lights and the feeling in your hand.

Squishy Stress Balls Toy, Sensory Fidget Toy Squishy Rainbow Stress DNA Colorful Beads, for Kids
The squeeze ball toy is made of thick thermoplastic rubber (TPR) Special Supplies stress balls offer colorful fun and are crafted for durability, safety and long-lasting use backed by quality assurance.
fidget toys,anti-stress balls let you squeeze, pull and squish them in your hands to help reduce stress, increase calm reduce tension and focus issues.

Add some color to your day with the Puffer Ball - Rainbow. This squeezable air-filled stress ball is fun to squeeze and it is great for relieving stress. Plus, it is covered with soft spikes that feel neat to the touch. You can squish and squeeze it, roll it between your hands, gently bounce it on your desk, toss and catch it, or stretch out the spikes. The Rainbow Puffer Ball makes work more fun!

Konig Kids Textured Multi Sensory Ball Set
These sensory toys have different textures for tactile exploration and sensory development. Their bright colors are ideal for visual stimulation and can spark your kid’s imagination.
These brightly colored textured balls for baby are lightweight, durable and long lasting. Giving these easy to grasp and hold baby sensory balls is a very effective way to develop baby's tactile senses.
Each stress relief ball is non-toxic and is perfectly sized for baby's little hands making it the safest choice for babies and for toddlers. Recommended for 6 months and up.

My Sensory Tools Push Pop Poke Sensory Fidget
Pop, pop, pop as you press down each bubble top and listen as they make a slight pop, pop, pop sound. Flip it over and push and poke each bubble top again. 

Play 4 in a row with friends... players take turns pushing one bubble pop after the other. The first player to get 4 in a row wins!

Infinity Cube Fidget Toy, Sensory Tool
Playable with one hand. Prime fidgeting toy for little children, teens and adults. Perfect for girls, boys, women and men. Pocket-size so you can bring it to school

A palm top fidget toy for fidgeting. It relieves nervousness and anxiety while doing a task or simply waiting. It helps a fidgeter focus on the task at hand while lessening bad fidgeting habits such as nail and pen biting, leg shaking and knuckle cracking. It’s also great to simply pass time. As the coolest new and innovative fidgeting toy, it makes fidgeting look cool and will be the the center of attention when played. 

The Original Fidget Magic Flip Sequin Pillow Toy {Red & Silver Square} Fidget Toy for Relaxing Therapy Increase Focus for Adults Children Helps with Stress ADHD
The Original Fidget is a perfect blend of fun, and creative. Customers have said Our Fidgets are great gift for kids, adults or even elderly. Helping with ADD, ADHD, OCD and Autistic patients find the toy fun and calming. PROMOTES FOCUS and CONCENTRATION while helping fidgety fingers busy. Keeps hands occupied to reduce tension and fill a sensory need. Used by Teachers, Therapists, Students, and so many more.

GIGANTIC 6 Inch Stress Ball - Changes From Blue To Green As You Squeeze.
Squeeze and Soothe Anxiety Away While Increasing Blood Flow To Your Hands And Arms. Two Handed Gel Ball Perfect For Fidgeting, Squeezing, And More!
Great For Reducing Stress, Carpal Tunnel and Arthritis Symptoms.

Home, Office, And On-the-go Play – More Than Stress Balls For Kids With Anxiety, They Can Help Adults Focus More At Work, Support Those With Adhd Or Autism, Or Even Be Used To Help People Just Have Fun And Relax When They Need It Most. 

Water Wigglies Tropical Reef from Play Visions is a jiggly and joy-inducing sensory experience! With the feel of a compacted waterbed, this unique finger fidget will provide hours of fine motor fun and engaged focus. Squeezable, squirmy blue water-filled device is filled with glitter and ultra colorful fish and coral reef scene inside. Measures approximately 5-1/2 L x 2 W inches for placement in hands. 

Everyone gets bored at some point and time and rather than filling your time staring at a wall, use these pencil fidgets to keep your attention. Stay out of trouble with our quiet spinning fidgets for kids, teen, and adults! With 4 unique designs you will have plenty to play with when the time comes. Our nut and bolt fidgets are sure to last as they are made out of a high quality durable plastic. Colors may vary. 

Beadeez Squishy Stress Balls with Gel Water Beads
Calming Sensory Stimulation Toy – These fun, squeezable gel stress balls contain soft jelly water beads that can be squished, squeezed, and pulled to help relieve stress or anxiety, promote focus and calmness, and help reduce tension.

Larger Jumbo-Sized Enjoyment – This Beadeez! stress relief toys for adults and kids is bigger in size to let you use one or two hands when squeezing and smushing it, providing in more self-regulatory stimulation to relax mind and body

Liquid Motion Bubble Timer - Rectangular Sensory Relaxation Water Toy
The descending bubbles have a soothing and mesmerizing effect that will keep kids entertained for hours. These sensory toys can help improve visual tracking skills.
Its slow and rhythmic drops have a very appeasing effect and actually help kids with sensory or hyperactivity. Makes perfect autism sensory toys to sooth and remain focused.

Endless hours of calming entertainment.

Arggh Giant Stress Ball - Fidget Toys for Adults, Sensory Toys, Squishy Stress Relief Toys for Kids
The giant stress ball is filled with nontoxic gel, making it super safe for kids and adults to keep on squeezing!
This durable stress ball features a rugged outer layer, allowing kids and adults to squish, smash and crush these color-changing stress balls to their heart's content.
This stress ball for kids can also be an effective ADHD toy to help kids relax and focus; these fun sensory balls are safe, nontoxic, tactile toys for kids 

Sensory4u Sensory Buckle Pillow Fine Motor Development Toy Activity - Plus Threading Counting and Zipper Skills All in One
Activity Learning Sensory Pillow Toy is uniquely designed with colorful primary bold colors to appeal to any child's early fascination with buckles, zippers, latches and buttons
Perfect for long car rides air planes and church quiet activity, hours of fun for kids of all ages.
Developmental education - Designed to help kids ages 3-7 with fine motor skills and to help with hand eye coordination

Special Education School Supplies Great for Students Sensory Gyms and More

Munchables You will love these beautiful sparkly, steel spinner rings. The inner section spins and provides inconspicuous sensory fun! These are particularly useful for aiding dermatillomania (compulsive skin picking).
Each ring weighs approximately 7g. They are only available it size 6 (inner diameter of 16.5mm) and 7 (inner diameter of 17.3mm).

Munchables These stretchy, squishy caterpillars offer calming sensory input and are fun to pinch, twist and pull.
Please note that these fidget toys are NOT intended to be chewed on. They are made of plastic, not silicone. These toys will break if excessively stretched and are intended for kids ages 3 years and up.

Squishy Caterpillars are 30g and measure 24cm long (9.5").

Bead Squishies Pineapple Toy
Great stress relief hand wrist toys. When you feel upset, angry, sad, Squishies the squishy toy will give vent to your any bad emotion.
Squishies it when you're stressed out to help relieve stress and tension. Great for anyone suffering from anxiety, restless hands. 

Sensory Water Beads Toy for Kids 6 Pack, Shapes Learning Toy for Toddlers, Fidget Stress Balls for Autism/ Anxiety Relief
If you are looking for a new fidget toy or tactile/sensory toy for your kid, or students. Our sensory bean bag toys are perfect. Firm but squeezable, they're perfect for sensory and tactile stimulation. Especially for ADD/ADHD, OCD, autism, or high anxiety levels. These toys help promote a sense of calm, reduce stress/anxiety and can increase focus/attention.

12-Side Fidget Cube Relieves Stress and Anxiety Anti Depression Cube for Children and Adults with ADHD ADD OCD Autism\
Specification Material: Premium pc+abc size: 2. 73*2. 43*2. 92“ weight: 2. 3oz more features: this newest 12 sides cube fidget dodecagon is very good toy for relieving adults stress and helping kids recognition. fidget Cube is good for when you are in class when you need like If you're angry or if you're not doing good at your work and then it helps you Calm down.  

Whether in search of stress relief toys / relievers or a new fidget toy, our squishy balls are perfect. Smoosh, squeeze, stretch, pull, toss, bounce - they will immediately return to their original shape. Simple squishy stress ball stress relief!
Squishy stress ball relief is useful for all children and adults, but especially those with ADD/ADHD, OCD, autism, or high anxiety levels. These toys help promote a sense of calm, reduce stress / anxiety and can increase focus / attention 

Spiky Sensory Finger Rings  Whether in search of a new fidget toy or tactile / sensory toy, our spiky sensory finger rings are perfect. Roll them up and down your fingers for a fun, unique sensation - they're perfect for sensory and tactile stimulation!
Fidget and sensory toys are great for all children ages 3+ and adults, but especially those with ADD / ADHD, OCD, autism, or high anxiety levels. These toys help promote a sense of calm, reduce stress / anxiety and can increase focus / attention 

Durable Pull and Stretch Stress Squeeze Ball KIDS SAFE & NON-TOXIC - When we write Kids Safe we really mean it. As with all of our toys, we test our balls under highly qualified testing labs to ensure that every aspect of our construction is 100% safe for kids and adults alike. We have worked hard to make sure that they are completely free of any danger and at the same time are the most fun pull and stretch stress balls out there.
Using our balls in a stressful environment can greatly release harmful stress whether it is for a kid who needs a healthy outlet or an adult who is having a stressful day at work. Great fidget and therapeutic toy for people with sensory deficiencies, Autism, and ADD. 

Whether in search of a new fidget toy or tactile / sensory toy, our spiky ovals are perfect. Firm with only a bit of squeeziness, they're perfect for sensory and tactile stimulation, as a tactile roll or a sensory brush
Made with 100% high-quality thermoplastic rubber, they are hypoallergenic, nontoxic, and free of BPAs, phthalates and latex

Fidget and sensory toys are great for all children ages 3+ and adults, but especially those with ADD / ADHD, OCD, autism, or high anxiety levels. These toys help promote a sense of calm, reduce stress / anxiety and can increase focus / attention

These small sensory balls have a clear outer material that is squishy, flexible, and clean with no sticky residue. As you squeeze the balls in your hand you can feel the inside molecule balls pop through your hand and fingers for a satisfying and tactile sensation! Parents and therapists find these squishy balls useful for kids and adults with Autism, Anxiety, ADHD, ADD, Stress, Sensory Processing Disorder, therapy needs. Help yourself calm down and avoid stress and anger by releasing your emotions into the rubber ball and return to your carefree world! Because our stress toys are made with high quality, non-toxic materials and durable construction, you can find it to be one of the best stress-relief toys! Whether you’re a kid, an adult, or gifting, this is the perfect squishy, stress-relieving, fun ball!  

Squishy Stress Relief Sensory Toys Fidget Spiky Ball 5 - Pcs Set – Eco-Friendly Squeezy Antistress Toy Balls for Men, Women, Adults, Teens & Children –Ideal for People with OCD, ADHD, ADD & Autism
You can let go of noisy fidget spinners and clickety-clicking stress relief cubes. 
Do you often find it difficult to focus while you work? Does your child have difficulty concentrating in the classroom?
Have you tried several anti-stress toys but ended up being more distracted due to them being noisy?
Would you opt for a premium quality anti-stress sensory toy that can be used by adults and children alike?
If so, then you are in the right place at the right time, because Pick A Toy has just the thing you’re looking for!

Sensory Ring and Fidget Toy 3 Pack
SENSORY STIMULATION TO REDUCE STRESS–Offering a tactile feel that helps reduce stress and anxiety, these handheld stress-relief toys provide tactile stimulation to reduce a racing mind so you can keep restless hands busy.

PROMOTES FOCUS & ATTENTION HELPS YOUR KIDS IN SCHOOL – Great for kids and adults suffering from short attention span, ADD, ADHD, OCD or autism, these bracelet sensory toys encourage focus and relaxation. 

Tom's Fidgets Flippy Chain Fidget Toy Perfect for ADHD, Anxiety, and Autism - Bike Chain Fidget
The Flippy Chain Fidget toy by Tom's Fidgets is a handcrafted heavy duty fidget for hardcore fidgeters. Whether you suffer from anxiety, pain, stress, lack of concentration, etc... this is a great fidget that will keep your fingers busy and allow your mind to focus on what's really important. All of Tom's Fidgets chain fidgets are made from bike chains that have been thoroughly washed to remove all grease, and are made of materials that will not rust or corrode. Chain Fidgets are designed to be 100% silent, and easy to carry with you anywhere you go.

Rhode Island Novelty 5 Inch Water Wigglie with Beads
Water Snake Wigglies - 5 inches long. ONE per orde. No color choice available. These water wigglers are slippery, elusive, and almost impossible to control. The challenge is to hold them in your hand for even a split second. For ages 3 and up.

Munchables Mesh Marble Fidgets
Munchables mesh and marble toys are great for kids that fidget. Squeeze, fold, roll and twist these discreet fidget toys to cope with anxiety and stress. They are a quiet, discreet outlet for excess energy and are easily hidden in a pocket or under a desk. Stay focused and reduce stress with these quiet sensory aides. 
Munchables Mesh Marble Fidgets each weigh 5g each and measure 9cm (3.5") across.
Please note that these fidget toys are NOT intended to be chewed on. They are made of a durable, closely knit nylon - not silicone like other Munchables.

Beadeez Unicorn Squishy Stress Balls Toy (3-Pack) for Girls, Boys, or Adults
Great squishy toys for kids and adults, these gel-infused unicorn toys feature a golden horn with matching hooves, long tail, and cute little mane, all to help relieve stress while inspiring the magic inside us!
Relieve Stress and Restore Focus – Offer self-regulating stimulation these colorful stress balls can be pulled, stretched, and smashed to promote calming focus and relaxation, reduce anxiety and tension, and support those with ADHD or autism.

My Sensory Tools Roller Chain finger fidget
Ease your anxious mind or hands in constant motion with this six chain link with rolling silicone bands.Place it over your finger tip and roll the bands with your thumb. The perfect tool for hours of silent fidgeting.  1"

My Sensory Tools Colorful fidget puzzle
What will you create with this Amazing Fidget Puzzle?   You can manipulate this fun toy into so many different shapes. Turn and twist the colored blocks to create a zig zag pattern, a square, or a jagged snake like figure.  Made of plastic

4 Pcs Magic Mandala Flower Basket Toy Flow Ring Spinner Fidget Anxiety Relief
The mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in both Buddhism and Hinduism. Its continuous shape is said to represent the Universe.
The mandala puzzle is traditionally used as a meditation tool for establishing sacred space and trance induction. Flexible to be easily fixed up. Moves slightly. Take it in your pocket everywhere with you.
By letting your fingers manipulate the puzzle you can create up to 35 different shapes whilst allowing your mind to relax. As you do this you may find that the mandala calms your nerves and reduces any anxiety!

My Sensory Tools SwingO Fidget
SwingOs is the newest fidget. The 3 rings are seamlessly attached to each other, and rotate around each other in surprising and various ways. Grip the rings, or slip a finger in any of them, and swing away with abandon.
Each ring about 2" diam

Toysmith Squigglets Wearable Critters Soft Tactile Neon Rings Purple, Pink, Orange & Green Party Set Bundle - 4 Pack, is AWESOME! Set includes 1 each of pink, purple, orange and green Squigglets! The Squiggletis a funky, fringy fashion statement, and a tactile toss toy. Their bendable-ness makes them awesome fidgets. Fling it, shake it, wear it! These soft tactile 5.5 inch diameter rings have lots of squiggly fingers. Wear as bracelets or anklets, or just toss them around. Makes a great gift & is perfect for schools, party favors, special needs, autism, the office, stress relief and so much more! For Ages 5 and up - Fun for the whole family!

Therapy Shoppe Spiky Tactile Glove
Ultra silky-soft and stretchy, this neat multisensory glove provides great deep pressure input to hands, and phenomenal tactile input to arms and legs when you wear the "spiky" side of the glove palm-side-down and use it for tactile massages. Spiky Gloves are definitely the hottest handwriting glove in town! Fits left or right hand. Come in random assorted blazing colors (we'll surprise you!). For ages 5-up.

Therapy Shoppe Orbo Snap and Match Fidget Ball
Fidgeters adore this baseball-sized, finger strengthening, color matching fidget ball that's plain ole' fun and more challenging than it sounds!  Players push colored balls around inside the Orbo Ball to an empty spot with a matching colored ring.  Orbo makes a wonderful therapy toy, stress ball, desktop office toy, and/or take along travel toy!  Makes a great fiddle fidget tool for hair pullers and skin pickers, too.  Designed for kids - adults, ages 4-up.  *Please note – younger kiddos and those who have weak hands or decreased strength may need assistance initially as Orbo really provides a great finger workout!

Therapy Shoppe Roly Poly Smiley Face Sensory Ball
Sensationally tactile sensory fidget ball made of oodles of mini squeezy smiley balls in a clear rubbery skin! These very touchy-feely tactile fidgets are marvelous for massaging fingers and promoting bilateral sensory play. Another amazing Therapy Shoppe® fidget tool that's hard to put down! Ideal for tactile sensory seekers, ages 5-up. Colors may vary.  *Please note - this very tactile fidget ball is designed for gentle fidgeting only

Therapy Shoppe If your fidgety fingers adore Fiddlelinks, Showa Noa, or Gidget Widget Fidget Cubes.... you'll LOVE this one-of-a-kind Spin Cube Fidget Spinner! Designed for one- or two-handed fidgeting play, this unique fidget builds finger skills as you twirl, roll, and spin away with your thumbs or fingers.  Get it spinning, then set in down on a flat surface – and it spins like a top!  Great for spinning fidget fans and children or teens who like repetitive play.  You'll have a hard time putting this silky smooth fidget down as it's a wonderful fidget to just hold and rub between your fingers or palms!  Makes a nice office desk toy for stress and anxiety relief, too! 

Therapy Shoppe Nifty little 2-1/2" squishy fidget ball with 2 big silly eyes!  Silly Sammy Yarn Fiddle ball is completely covered in very thick and cushy fluffy yarn. Kids adore this touchy feely tactile fidget wonder that caresses palms and tickles your fingers with soft massaging tactile input as you squish, squash, and toss away.  This superb sensory fidget ball is a great choice for skin pickers, hair pullers, trichotillomania, dermatillomania, and other tactile sensory seekers.  Comes in assorted bright solid colors.  For ages 4-up. 

Curious Minds Busy Bags Set of - 6" Puffer Worms - Sensory Fidget and Soft Hairy Air-Filled Stress Balls
This puffer worm has soft rubber spikes and a super-squeezable texture. When you squeeze these puffer balls, an air bubble emerges from the interior. For ages 5+. This worm is a shorter version of my others, it is 6" long x 3" wide. Fidgets are a self-regulation tool used with children who have a difficult time sitting still or focusing. Fidgets help promote focus and concentration, and keep the body (fingers) busy so they can still sit and focus! Fidget toys are also great for strengthening hand muscles and building fine motor and finger dexterity. This activity is perfect for parents, occupational and physical therapists, early childhood educators, day care providers and anyone who wants to build the fine motor muscles in their little ones.

The Solace Sensory Slap is the perfect quiet fidget for autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorders, special needs or anyone needing tactile stimulation to promote calm and focused self-regulation.
The fidget bracelet has been specifically designed to provide a number of different tactile sensations to the user.
Use your fingers to quietly trace the 5 different areas of small bumps, large brick stud bumps, curvy lines, ridges, and rounded bumps.
Solace Sensory Slaps are made from 100% pure silicone and do not contain any lead, latex, BPA, PVC, or phthalates. They are also easily cleaned using soap and hot water.

11.8" Jumbo Flash Caterpillar Stress Toy for Kids Adults, Shiny Caterpillar Bubble Fidget Toy to Release Stress, Creative Soft Stretchy Decompression Mini Insect Toy for ADD ADHD
Eco-friendly and Non-toxic. This Caterpillar Toy is Shiny and You'll Love This Bubble Fidget. The Ball Squeezing is Easy to Cean, Endless Reusable and Washable. 
The Bright Colors And Comfortable Feel of These Kawaii Squeezing Balls Toys Will Delight Any Child! They are Designed to Withstand a Large Amount of Squeezing, Pinching, Fidgeting & Stretching. Suitable for Kids 3 Years Old and Above.

Fidgets Spinners To spin the ADHD fidget toys, simply hold with one finger either side of the center and then with your other hand spin
Great toys for fidget, anxiety, focus, adhd, alitism, quitting, bad habits
To spin the adhd fidget toys simply hold with one finger either side of the centre and then with your other hand spin. With practice the spinners can be used with one hand only. To use the anxiety toys on a table simply press the centre to keep it stable and at the same time spin. The fidget toys will continue to spin once you let go.

Abilitations fidget provides sensory input to help improve focus and concentration and strengthen hands and fingers. The fidget has sealed, gel-filled “caterpillar” segments that are squeezable for tactile input, and is versatile for warming up fingers before writing, keeping busy fingers in one place, and strengthening intrinsic muscles. The toy’s exterior and filling are polyurethane for resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and UV radiation. Polyurethane is also resistant to oil, weather, ozone, heat, electricity, tearing, and various chemicals. 

Squishy Stress Balls Toy, Squeezing Stress Relief Ball (4-Pack) for Kids and Adults, Colorful Funny Fidget Sensory Toys for Anxiety, ADHD
You will get calm and relax, relieve your anxiety and tension by squeezing these colorful stress balls. It's also helpful for those with ADHD or autism

Stretch and Squeeze Stress Balls 3 Pack - Elastic Construction Sensory Balls - Ideal for Stress and Anxiety Relief, Special Needs, Autism, Disorders and More
Our anti-stress balls can help you and your kids develop fine motor skills, become more creative and improve problem solving situations.
They are made from resilient materials and can withstand some heavy duty use either from you or your children. Squeeze them, bounce them, pull them all you want and create fun shapes with these malleable balls.

Caterpillar Fidget Sensory Toys,Five Segments of Flash Caterpillar Light to Stress Relief Toys,Anti Anxiety, Calming and Relaxing for Boys Girl Adults
Our stress relief toys are made of TPR rubber,it has high tears and abrasions resistance,non-toxic, soft and easy to stretch.Safe for kid and adults to play with.They're perfect for sensory and tactile stimulation
Relieve stress by stretching, stretching, squeezing and twisting these noodle-like toys

Cool Cats "The Groovy Glob!" Squishy, Squeezy, Stretchy Stress Balls Gift Set Party Bundle - 3 Pack (Assorted Colors), is AWESOME! Gift Set Party Bundle Includes 3 Assorted Colors of Schylling's Nee Doh Cool Cats Groovy Glob! The NeeDoh stress ball will help you mellow out! Feeling Stressed? Then you knead Nee-Doh! Grab a glob and give a squeeze. The experience will blow your mind, soothe your soul, and have you feeling groovy in no time! Filled with a mysterious, completely non-toxic, jelly-like compound, it's strong, durable and won't break open; always returns to its original shape. 

The best in fidget toys, sensory toys, interactive toys this educational toys will show off your skills and talent as it magically and effortlessly rolls down your arm, or any object, or stick. Challenge yourself to slide it down one arm and skillfully pass it on the other arm 
Great toy for fidgeters reduce anxiety, helps in focusing and stay more focused by enhancing our focus, aid in ADHD, ADD, Autism, and helps in quitting bad habits and more 

5 Sets Tangles Fidget Toys, Relax Therapy Stress Relief Feeling Winding Toy for Adults, ADHD Tools for Kids
The therapy toys have been proven to help people relax their mind. From the classroom to the boardroom and everywhere in between the fun and creativity never stops when you've got this toy in your hand.
The Therapy Toys are specially designed to exercise kids brain. It enables kids imagination, creativity, learning ability and thinking ability to be fully exercised.
Lighten your mood with Therapy toys A sensory toy for relaxation, fine motor development and play.
Fidget Toys is a perfect gift, it allows children to open toys and make them into any color and shape according to their own needs. 

4 Inch Neon Puffer Ball Balls (4 Count)
These four inch buffer toys are great squishy fun! These neon colors are vibrant! Great to throw around or squeeze as a fidget toy. Colors are green, yellow, orange, and pink.
Squeeze or squish this to use as a fidget toy.
Throw it, squeeze it, catch it!

Twiddle Mega Twiddle, Multi Purple
Unlimited Fun, Shapes, Stress Relief & More! Twiddle - it's a shape maker and fidget toy in one! It is so much fun that you won't want to put it down. Twiddle is the hottest, coolest, must-have favorite product of the year. Twiddle comes in 5 bright colors in an awesome package with 70 fun, totally safe interchangeable pieces that can be shaped, molded, torn apart or snapped together in endless ways to provide hours of fun. Or just fidget with them for stress relief. And with infinite possibilities and so much fun it is no wonder why men, women and kids can't stop playing with it.

Medium Fidget Balls: Mobius Stress Ball Fidget Toy for Restless Hands, Office Desk Toy, Anxiety Relief, Stress Relief, ADD, ADHD
Quiet, discreet and loops for infinity play
Measures 1 1/2 inches (4 cm). High Gloss Coating means no smell, metallic or otherwise!
Easily washed if needed in regular soap and water if it ever gets dirty or gummed. Remove one ring for an even more free flowing feel.
Möbii are an original design and Trademark of Steel Lynx, expect and accept only the best!
Handcrafted in Anderson, Indiana USA This toy is a small ball. Not for children under 3 yrs.

The FOCUS Sensory Star is a plush and fun equivalent to a stress ball or a fidget. This sensory tool is a wonderful method of self-regulation to help with:
Creating Calmness
Active listening
Focus Sensory Stars are intended to promote movement and tactile input that is critical for some student’s learning. We do not recommend to choose this sensory tool for a child who is showing signs of significant distress. Instead use the sensory stars proactively to promote well-being and comfort.

Star Essence Focus Sensory Stars
Beadeez Watermelon Stress Relief Ball - Anxiety Relief Squeezing Squishy Balls for Kids and Adults - Funny Fidget Sensory Toy Changes Color When You Squeeze It
Fun and joy are at the core of who we are; but sensory toys like our squishies and stress balls also have a calming and satisfying effect! Plus, in an increasingly tech-based world, our outdoor toys keep your child active. Our wide range of toys provide timeless entertainment for kids of all ages!
When your “melon” is in overdrive, turn to this watermelon stress toy for some fun, fast relief! The sensory ball can help with Stress, Anxiety, Relaxation, and ADHD.

Ooey Gooey Octopus (ea) Giant 7" Squishy Stress Toy (Colors Vary)
Ooey Gooey figurines stretch jiggle and just feel groovy in your hands Ooey Gooey figurines stretch, jiggle, and just feel groovy in your hands. The Oey Gooey Octopus is big, it's stretchy and it feels wonderfully gooey but won't get your hands dirty. This large size stretchable octopus is made of thick pliable rubbery material. Non toxic goo filled body. Great for motor manipulation and tactile exploration. Not recommended for highly agressive children or people who tend to bite food objects.

Push Pop Bubble Sensory Toy Fidget, Squeeze Silicone Toy for Kids, Stress Reliever Gifts for Adults Anti-Anxiety Relieve Pressure (1-Pack, Green Dinosaur)
Simply press the bubbles, they will make a slight popping sound. It will effectively help restore emotions. “Pop, Pop, Pop” sounds very decompressed. Your fingers will delight in the sensation of poking the silicone bubbles.
Fidget Sensory toy helps to exercise mental arithmetic and logical reasoning skills, learn to strategize and think ahead. A fun way to keep your child or yourself concentrate on what you do or spend your leisure.
The sensory fidget toys made of premium food-grade silicone material, non-toxic, tasteless. 

Squeeze Ball Toy, Squishy Rainbow Stress Ball     This squeeze Ball Toy is a pliable squishy soothing sensory ball and is filled with a bunch of thick colorful water bead gel water bead orbs inside its elastic flexible skin. When you squeeze the ball, the jelly beads push out and around making the ball bulge. It is very soothing to feel the little gel beads, and it also makes a soft swishing sound to add to the sensory experience.
Squeeze Ball Toy are a powerful tool to assist in breaking the habit. They keep your hands busy! Squeeze Ball Toy are great for calming anxiety. Those who are simply nervous can benefit from the calming and repetitive movements of a fidget toy. 
Squeeze Ball Toy filled with water beads. Fidgets are made for…… fidgeters.

Fidget Kits & Fidget Sets 

Sensory Fidget Toy Set 19 Pack Bundle Sensory Toys Anxiety Stress Relief with Push Pop Bubble Unicorn Stretchy String Bean Bag Marble Mesh Infinity Cube for Kids and Adults with Autism & ADHD
Amazing gifts that are very portable and can be played everywhere such as the libraries, schools, classrooms, offices, in the car, bus or plane. Because of the small size, these are great travel toys and can fit in small pockets, purses and bag slots. Moreover, these can be used as party favors or as party activities and as also great as a prize or incentive.
This sensory fidget toys pack includes 6 colorful and durable unicorn stretchy strings, 3 bean bags with large water beads, 1 push pop bubble fidget toy, 1 black infinity cube, 2 marble and mesh toys, 2 slime eggs, 1 wacky chain, 3 super cute mini squishy toys for kids who are hyperactive and people with ADD, ADHD and OCD.

Sensory Builder: Fidget Toys Sensory Kit Bundle-from The Makers of Language Builder - Stress Relief Balls with Fidget Hand Toys for Anxiety Kids & Adults-Calming Toys for ADHD Autism Anxiety
This complete sensory toy pack includes 2 light up, spikey balls, 1 liquid motion timer, 2 marble and mesh, 6 stretchy strings, 3 sports stress balls, 1 twisting string, 1 package of expanding water beads, 2 grape balls, 4 cute squishy mochi, 1 egg-shaped hand exerciser, and 1 magic/speed cube all in a sturdy, locking tote. Each fidget toy is durable and safe for kids (3+) and adults. Have fun playing without worrying. Relieve stress and anxiety by simply playing, squeezing, stretching and flipping with these fidgeting devices. Every toy helps ease stress and anxiety, eliminate boredom and/or help with focus and attention. The fidget toys are great for kids, teens and adults with autism, ADD or ADHD, and people with OCD or high stress/anxiety levels. With 25 pieces, these is a fidget toy for everyone and lots of variety so children don’t get bored. 

Sensory Fidget Toys Set for Kids and Adults, 9 Pcs Anti-Anxiety Stress Relief Fidget Bundle for Kids and Adults
This fidget sensory toys includes 2 flippy chains, 2 marble & mesh, 1 dodecagon, 1 squeeze basketball stress ball, 1 infinity cube, 1 snap and click snake and 1 fidget dice. Coming with a storage box, this fidget toy set could be a birthday, Christmas gift for kids toddlers age 3 4 5 6 and up and adults
Reducing Anxiety & Stress: By squeezing, stretching and flipping these fidget toys, you can relieve your stress and anxiety. These toys could take your attention away from stressful work or study and give you a short break and then stimulate your imagination and sooth and remain focused. These sensory toys are also designed for children with Autism, ADHD or ADD and people with OCD or high stress/anxiety levels.

Sensory Fidget Toys Bundle-DNA Stress Relief Balls with Fidget Hand Toys for Anxiety Kids & Adults-Calming Toys for ADHD Autism Anxiety
1Fluffy Slime,2Mini Cube,2 Pack Mochi Animals Squishies,1 Liquid Motion,1 DNA Stress Balls,1 fidget bike chain,5 marble toys,2 stretch squeeze toys,1 magic rainbow cube and 1 fidget cube
Mochi Animals Squishes, Super cute design, Soft silicone, it's stretchy and sticky. it's great for killing time and kids gift.
Liquid Motion, Its slow and rhythmic drops have a very appeasing effect and actually help kids with sensory or hyperactivity issues. Makes perfect autism sensory toys to sooth and remain focused.
These squishy balls are designed to relieve anxiety and help promote better focus and clarity by helping ease bouts of ADHD, ADD or Autism.
Fidget Toys 21 Pack Bundle Sensory Toys Set-Rainbow Magic Ball/Liquid Motion Timer/Bike Chain/Stress Balls/Stretchy String Stress Relief Hand Toys for Children and Adults with ADHD ADD OCD Autism
Kids and adults age 5 to 105 will definitely have hours of fun and relaxation with these toys in hand. In addition, these are unisex so they are great for boys and girls or men and women. As you are getting 21 pieces of sensory tools and toys, it’s very shareable between friends, cousins, siblings, classmates and colleagues.
This complete sensory toy pack includes 1 liquid sensory timer, 3 peek a boo squeeze beans, 3 marble and mesh, 5 sensory stretch toys, 3 stress relief ball, 1 rainbow magic puzzle ball, 3 snake cube, 2 flippy keychain. These autism toys set also comes with a FREE storage back to easily store these numerous fidget and stress toys.

Max Fun 36Pack Sensory Fidget Toys Set Stress Relief Anti-Anxiety Tools Toys for Kids Adult Children Squeeze Bean, Marble Mesh, Flippy Chain, Grape Ball, Maze Cube
Abundant Fidget Toys Set - 1.This set is 36pcs sensory toys, 13 kinds of fidget toys. Including 6 Stretchy Strings, 5 Spiky Balls, 4 Mochi Squishy Toys, 4 Marble and Mesh, 3 Squeeze Foam Basketballs, 2 Flip Chains, 2 Wacky Tracks, 2 Puzzle Balls, 2 Heart-shaped Maze Puzzles, 2 Squeeze Grape Balls, 2 Snake Twist Puzzles, 1 Maze Puzzle and 1 Squeeze Soybeans in a colorful box.
Relief & Anxiety Reduce - You relieve stress and anxiety by squeezing, flipping and stretching with these fidget toy set. These are also great for kids/adults with ADHD or autistic.

24 Pack Bundle Sensory Fidget Toys Set
This fidget toys set for sensory kids is packed in a transparent storage box, convenient for collecting these hand toys after play with.

This sensory toys set is also best calming stuff and stress relief toys for teens, adults, great gadgets for autistic kids, or people with ADD or ADHD and OCD or high stress/anxiety levels, autism stim toys. By squeezing, stretching and flipping with these fidget toys, can relieve anxiety well. And the same time develop the children creation, visual training, desktop fidget toys for adults. 

Sensory Fidget Toys 23-Pack – Stress Relief Toys for Focus & Calm – Toy Box & Party Favor Fidget Pack + Reusable Bag – Fidget Spinner, Stress Ball, Infinity Cube, Sensory Rings
Explore a world of interaction with your fidget toy set from Chuchik! Complete with a reusable bag, your variety pack bursts with 23 sensory toys that pull, twist, pop, and squish!
Soothe stress and appease worries with your fidget set! Wonderful for people with trouble focusing or excess worries, your fidget toys pack help calm your thoughts by occupying your hands!
Riddled with a case of the fiddles? Engage your senses with your fidget toys set! Choose between various toys to get out fidgets and get focused at work, home, or school!

Sensory Fidget Toys Set, 25 Pcs., Stress Relief and Anti-Anxiety Tools Bundle for Kids and Adults, Marble and Mesh, Pack of Squeeze Balls, Soybean Squeeze, Flippy Chain, Liquid Motion Timer & More
Fidget Toy Bundle Variety - This complete sensory toy pack includes 2 flip chains, 1 liquid motion timer, 1 peek a boo squeeze beans, 3 marble and mesh, 6 stretchy strings, 3 bead stress balls, 6 spiky balls, 1 snap and click snake, 1 basketball stress ball and 1 magic cube. These set also comes with a storage back to easily store these numerous fidget and stress toys.
Stress and Anxiety Reducing Games - Relieve stress and anxiety by simply playing, squeezing, stretching and flipping with these fidgeting devices. Every toy helps release and soothe stress. Boredom or to simply pass the time. These are also great for kids with ADD or ADHD and people with OCD or high stress/anxiety levels.