Dysgraphia, Writing & Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Dysgraphia is a learning disability. Dysgraphia means that someone has difficulty with poor spelling, impaired handwriting and trouble chooses which words to use. 

There's different types of Dysgraphia. 

Dyslexic Dysgraphia

Motor Dysgraphia

Phonological Dysgraphia

Spatial Dysgraphia

Lexical Dysgraphia 

Dysgraphia can affect adults and children. Children can also have other mental health diagnosis and learning disabilities too when they have Dysgraphia. Children may have different symtoms at different ages. 
Some children will have difficulty with spelling but other will have difficulty writing and some could struggle with both.

Dysgraphia symptoms may include. 

- incorrect use of capitals 
- not including words in sentences 
- not using the correct words 
- poor or unreadable handwriting
- inccorect spelling
- mixing printing letter with cursive letters together 
- writing slowly
- incompleted words 
- misuse of lines and margins 
- awkward body position
- Often erasing  
- writing too large or too small 
- inapropriate spacing between letters
- speaking out what they are writing as they are writing
- feeling tired after writing a short amount 
- watching their hands as they are writing and printing 
- tight grip while they are writing 
- holding pencil/pen in odd positions while writing 
- they have difficulty writing notes in school 
- difficulty thinking of words to write 
- struggles to cummicate through writing 
- avoids writing 
- unusual paper position while writing 
- inconsistant letter shapes 
- unfinished sentences  
- pain or cramps in fingers or wrists while writing 

If you are concerned that your child may have Dysgraphia, you can always bring it up to your child's psychologist, occupational therapist, family doctor or pediatrician. Your child may be need to meet with more than one specialist to determine if they have Dysgraphia. They would require your child do do I.Q testing, fine motor testing and writing tests. They will want to monitor your child while they are writing to observe posture and pencil grip. 

There's many tools and ideas that you can try to help your child if they have Dysgraphia. 

- you can teach your child how to type on an iPad or computer 
- have your child try a few different pencil grips
- purchase your child some wide ruled paper or paper with raised lines 
- don't criticize their work and praise them when they try 
- offer positive reinforcement
- talk to your child about Dyspraxia 
- practice fine motor activities 
- use a squeeze ball for hand strength 
- stay calm and patient because they may feel anxious, frustrated, stupid etc. 
- practice for 5-10 min at a time 
- make it fun! Use toys and tools 
- practice with pinching tools such a tweezers or tongs
- have game nights with puzzles
- let them choose a fancy pencil of their favorite color or character on it
- try different surfaces to write letter in: sauce in a pan, foggy mirror, pudding on a tray or in a ziplock bag etc. 
- shop around for pencils, pens and crayons that are different shapes and sizes 

There are several skills needed for children to learn to write and print. Visual-Motor Skills, fine motor skills, hand strength and sensory feedback. 

Visual-Motor Activities 

- stacking blocks 
- pouring liquid from one to container to another container 
- completing mazes 
- connect the dots exercises  
- completing puzzles 
- tracing letters, numbers or shapes
- practice writing in shaving cream, sand or finger paints 
- matching shapes 
- playing catch 
- hitting a balloon back and forth 
- bean bag throwing games 
- stringing beads by color and size 

Fine Motor Activities 

- finger painting 
- puzzles 
- building blocks and lego 
- playing and squishing sensory dough
- cutting paper with scissors
- making bead necklaces
- stacking and sorting colorful blocks
- wooden geo board and rubber bands
- stacking noodles on sticks in styrofoam
- glue seeds on paper, making crafts
- stringing buttons on a string
- rolling tissue paper and glue it on a picture
- pushing pegs into a peg board
- cutting, pressing and making art with clay 
- cutting, squishing, playing or creating with Kinetic sand 
- looking for objects in sand or sensory bin


Hand Strength Activities 

- squeezing clothespins
- building with blocks
- climbing 
- using tongs and tweezers 
- squeezing glue bottles
- popping bubble wrap
- crumbling paper 
- cutting with scissors 
- playing with play dough 
- squeezing a wet sponge 
- spraying with spray bottles
- hole punching paper 
- hide and find objects in putty 

Sensory Feedback Activities 

- use fun and colored pencils 
- use vibrating pens
- playing with putty or play dough 
- weighted pancils 
- using paper with raised tactile lines

Talk to your child's school about your concerns and their needs while they're are at school. They may be qualified for an Individualised Education Program. (IEP) When your child has an IEP or 504 plan you can request your child have extra help at school and sensory breaks as well as other accomidations. 

- your child use an iPad or computer 
- shorter assignments 
- use a recorder for notes 
- use a voice dictation device  

Dysgraphia Writing Tools For Children 

Magnatab A to Z Uppercase
The Original Magnatab was designed with the Montessori learning style in mind, creating a sensory-based creative play experience. Using the magnetic stylus, children pull the beads up to the surface to draw pictures, letters, numbers and shapes. In doing this, they feel the pull of the magnets, hear their clicking sound, and see what they are drawing. The beads are magically “erased” when pushed down by the tip of a finger or the swipe of the side of the stylus. The tablet features easy storage for the magnetic stylus, which clicks securely into place. Great for use at home or in the classroom!

Wikki Stix provide school readiness with kindergarten learning activities. The fun, colorful, easy way to learn letters, numbers and shapes, Wikki Stix are mistake-proof which helps build self-confidence. Developmentally appropriate for preschoolers, Wikki Stix help with fine motor skills by providing an involved, tactile learning experience. Wikki Stix simply stick onto the cards with fingertip pressure… and are easy to peel up to make changes or corrections! 144 total Wikki Stix in the set!
Alphabet Cards:
Colorful individual cards are sturdy for repeated use, and have safe, rounded corners. 

Abilitations Hi-Write Beginner Paper, Level 2, Pack of 100
Our Hi-Write paper is designed to build children’s confidence in their writing abilities. The dotted lines and highlighted spaces provide a helpful guide for character sizing and placement. Abilitations strives to enhance the lives of individuals with special sensory needs. We provide a complete line of resources and tools to inspire, empower and promote independence.
Abilitations is a proprietary brand of School Specialty
Writing paper is 5/8 inch ruled

Visual Edge Slant Board (Blue) - Homeschooling Sloped Learning Station for Kids Optimal Reading and Writing - Portable Desktop Magnetic Dry Erase White Board
When you write on a flat surface you utilize only the muscles in your wrist. When you raise your arm up at an angle you incorporate the use of your forearm muscles. Thus giving you more control and having less fatigue.
22 Degree slant board working surface scientifically & ergonomically designed for optimal visual distance to improve performance & early childhood development
Magnetic dry erase board for direct onboard tasks such as taking notes & visualizing. 

Pencil Grips for Kids writing. Handwriting aid, posture correction
Messy handwriting, holding a pen wrongly, pressing too hard on the paper are the most common struggles for kids with writing issues or children with special needs.
Using an ergonomic training pencil grip will give your child a much more relaxed writing experience. A pencil gripper can help by guiding kid’s fingers to the proper tripod grasp.
Wistig pencil grippers are suitable for both right-handed and left-handed people. These colorful correction tools will enable your child to develop fine motor skills, control the pencil efficiently and complete the tasks without getting frustrated or tired.
Change your child’s life and make writing fun!

Fine Motor and Handwriting Development
Abilitations Hi-Write Beginner Journal Paper, Level 1, 8-1/2 x 11 Inches, 100 Sheets
Our Hi-Write paper is designed to build children’s confidence in their writing abilities. The dotted lines and highlighted spaces provide a helpful guide for character sizing and placement. Abilitations strives to enhance the lives of individuals with special sensory needs. We provide a complete line of resources and tools to inspire, empower and promote independence. 
Abilitations is a proprietary brand of School Specialty - We believe that given the right environment, every student can flourish
Journal paper is 11/16 inch ruled

Printing Practice Handwriting Workbook for Boys is designed to inspire boys’ interest in learning and practicing to print writing phrases and sentences by hand. Boys enjoy reading phrases like, “No girls allowed,” or, “Spy games are fun,” and sentences like, “Meet me at the secret clubhouse,” or “It would be so cool to have super powers.” Exercises like these help to make learning fun, whether in the classroom or at home.
This workbook focuses on writing phrases and sentences in print in four parts:
Students first trace and then copy words and short phrases in Part 1.
There are longer phrases and short sentences in Part 2. Students trace and then copy the words.

The Sensory Kids Store With the Kid O a to z Lower Case Magnatab, a magnetic stylus is the pen, the bead board the paper, your finger the eraser; the pull of the magnet engages sense memory in early writing and reading lessons.
The Magnatab is a wonderful learning tool that provides an immersive, early writing lesson. Explore letters and numbers in a sensory-reinforced activity that allows children to process information and develop understanding through their eyes, ears and fingertips. Use the magnetized pen to pull the beads to the surface with an audible click.
Made from the highest quality materials, the magnet never comes out of the pens and the balls are completely self-contained and stay securely in the board. 

Extra Large Magnetic Drawing Board 18×13 with Stamps & Stencils & Replacement Pen - Education Doodle Toys for Kids, Colorful Erasable Magnet Writing Sketching Pad for Toddlers Learning
Creativity – This is a toy that lets the outcome be dictated by one’s imagination. Better than a coloring book, it allows children to draw anything they can imagine.
Confidence – Not only doesn’t help my kids learn to express themselves, they can then become more confident in themselves by drawing better and better pictures.
Grit and Practical Development – In addition to pictures of butterflies and houses, my kids can practice their alphabet and numbers. As they do, they can easily erase and correct their work with a single swipe. That means no pencil sharpening or eraser shavings to clean up.

Therapy Shoppe Handwriting Tools Sampler Kit #2  Our newest sampler kit features a 14-piece assortment of innovative pencil grips and writing tools! Hand selected by our occupational therapists, this writing kit includes: a Solo Grip, Contoured Right Grip, Squishy Jelly Grip, Thick Massager Grip, a Peppermint Pencil, Standard Tri-Write (triangular-shaped) Pencil, My First Tri-Write (triangular-shaped) Pencil, a Jumbo Round Beginner Pencil, Laddie Intermediate (triangular-shaped) Pencil, one of our exclusive Color-Changing Pencils, 2 Scented Cap Erasers, a Porcupine Pencil Topper, and a Kneadable Fidget Eraser

My Sensory Tools  Marble Isoflex™ Stress Ball
2-1/4" Latex IsoFlex™ Ball The famous IsoFlex™ Stress Ball is here to take ALL your stress away! The IsoFlex™ is double lined with natural latex for extra durability. Micro sand give this stress ball a unique soothing feel. Marble skin will vary... color picked and shipped at random at time of order based on availability 
Great for hand strength! 

Therapy Shoppe Wipe Clean Worksheet Covers
Save paper and eliminate copying costs with these reusable wipe clean worksheet covers! Clear, 9”x12” sleeve-like covers turn coloring pages and worksheets into infinitely reusable activities. Great for tracing, dot-to-dots, mazes, math problems, overhead use, and much more! Use them with our dry-erase crayons. High-quality worksheet covers designed to last for years. Awesome! *Accessories pictured not included.

Double Sided Magnetic Letter Board - 2 in 1 Alphabet Magnets Tracing Board for Toddlers ABC Letters Uppercase & Lowercase Practicing
Learn to write the ABC the fun way with CozyBomB Magnetic Alphabet Tracing Board Learning to write the basic ABC was never made this easy at the same time so much fun. This amazing double-sided letter tracing board toy is the perfect educational tool for preschoolers. Parents and teachers know the difficulty of keeping the attention of toddlers while teaching something new, but with the CozyBomB Magnetic Alphabet Tracing Board kids will surely never lose interest while learning. 

Pacon Multi-Sensory Raised Ruled Tablet, White, 5/8" x 5/16" x 5/16" Ruled 10-1/2" x 8", Ruled Long, 40 Sheets
The Multi-Sensory Raised Ruled Paper has raised headlines and baselines which help students stay within the guidelines. It helps teach handwriting through two senses, sight and touch. The headlines are blue and the baselines are red. It has a 5/8" ruling, 5/16" dotted midline and 5/16" skip space, and conforms to both D’Nealian™ and Zaner-Bloser™ handwriting styles.

5 Pack Dry Erase Ruled Lap Boards l 9 X12 inch Lined Whiteboards (Double Sided Mini White Boards ) Markers & Erasers Included
These lined whiteboards are perfect for kids, student, and classroom use. It is great to practice penmanship on.
The ruled lap boards are double sided to get optimum use of the lap board. One side is lined and the other is blank to be filled as pleased. Dry Erase Lapboard is for every teacher or parent who needs a space for students or children to brainstorm, practice writing, math problems, English, languages, drawing or any other subject, or even just doodling but can't keep buying reams & reams of paper. This mini whiteboard is small and easy to go around with.

Alphabet Tracing Board - Reversible Wooden ABC Learning & Education Aid - Uppercase and Lowercase Letters - Montessori Toys for Toddlers, Preschool Sensory Play 
This tracing board makes learning the alphabet and writing an interactive and fun experience. With every activity, your child will be able to naturally engage their senses, develop hand-eye coordination, motor skills and experience upper and lowercase letters.
It’s a hands-on experience that engages the senses, and with uppercase on one side and lowercase on the other, your child will have access to the tools they need to start developing writing skills that will help guide them from A to B for years to come!

Writing Right: A Story About Dysgraphia
Writing Right is an illustrated children's book whose main character is Noah, a third grade boy with dysgraphia. Many people have never heard of dysgraphia and that is one of the primary reasons for this book. Dysgraphia affects writing skills and can make learning very difficult. In this book, Noah learns to work through his struggles with dysgraphia through perseverance, help from his mom, computer resources, and occupational therapy. Through Noah's story, I hope to shed some light on this lesser-­known disability and aid those affected.

The Pencil Grip Original Universal Ergonomic Writing Aid for Righties and Lefties, 6 Count
The Pencil Grip was designed by a doctor and is widely used in classrooms, at home, and in therapeutic settings. The unique shape is designed to be “one size fits all” to help the hands of kids and adults, and work for both righties and lefties. The Pencil Grip can be used as a training tool, and then permanently for added comfort. The Pencil Grip fits on pencils, primary pencils, pens, crayons, markers, paint brushes, etc., so its benefits can be widely enjoyed.

Handwriting Tools Sampler Kit
A super assortment of innovative grips, pencils and other popular writing tools! Includes one of each of: Tripod Ring Grip, Writing CLAW Grip (medium), Crossover Grip, Grotto Grip, The Pencil Grip, Stetro Grip, Start Right Grip, Massager Grip, Ferby Beginner’s Triangular Pencil, Pen Again "Twist & Write" Pencil, Tactile Triangular Pencil, Mini Pencil, a One Finger Spacer, and a Two Finger Spacer. This kit is perfect for evaluating which are the most comfortable and effective writing tools for individual children. This Handwriting Tools Sampler Kit is available exclusively here at the Therapy Shoppe! 

The Sensory Kids Store Writing Slant Board
Get a posture-perfect writing surface and enhance concentration! A 20-degree angle compensates for fatigue in the back, neck, shoulder and eye muscles. Adjustable Slant Board is made of sturdy aluminum and folds flat for storage. Surface is 12 x 12 inches.
• Angle is adjustable from 20 to 40 degrees.
• Hook and loop fasteners make angle adjustments a breeze.
• Sturdy, smooth aluminum construction will not shatter or crack.
• Light-weight board weighs only 30 ounces.
• Includes 1 adjustable slant board

Visual Handwriting Worksheet for 1st - 3rd Grade Most Visual Handwriting Learning Workbook Worksheet
Loved by teachers, parents, and homeschoolers, boys and girls alike will love to practice and learn their English letters and numbers on this fun, innovative, visual handwriting manuscript packet of 40 sheets made for basic language, printing, teaching, and learning. Created for grades one, two, and three, they’re perfect for the classroom or home use and simplify handwriting, teaching, and learning through a visual format and self-correction.
 You’ll likely see fast improvement in just a few weeks. 

Pencil Grips, Firesara Original Pencil Gripper Puppy Design Posture Correction for Kids Preschoolers Children Adults Special Needs Handwriting Aid for Lefties or Righties
The puppy pencil grips is the first grip to fix 5 fingers for handwriting.After thousands of tests and comparisons, It takes only 1 second to guide children to holding a pencil correctly. Put your thumb and index finger into the holes of side, and then hold the ring with your middle finger, the small tail will automatically fixed your ring finger and little finger.
The pack contains 3 pencil grips,3 colors and two diameters. The 2 small puppy (green&pink) fit on regular pencils, slim pens; 1 large puppy (blue) fits on large pencils, ballpoint pens or tools in similar diameters.

Dysgraphia, Papers For Kids. A handwriting workbook with 100 activities to help children overcome difficulties writing letters and easy sentences
In this book you will find 108 pages in which a child will be able to trace all the letters of the alphabet, then they will be proposed to trace some words to finish with simple sentences.
Dysgraphia is a disorder that develops in childhood and it is important and necessary to intervene as soon as possible.The symptoms are not difficult to detect:
Motor stiffness or, on the contrary, excessive laxity can be observed. The strokes of children with dysgraphia are not usually stable and uniform.

Handwriting Practice Paper: 200 Blank Writing Pages - For Students Learning to Write Letters
200 blank handwriting practice pages. Wide lines and dotted centers to help students write letters and numbers with consistent shapes and sizes. A little practice each day can greatly improve a child's penmanship.

LCD Writing Tablet, 10 inches Electronic Graphic Tablet, Writing & Drawing Doodle Board with Memory Lock for Age 3+
Writing and drawing on the tablet is just like on the paper.
As a writing tablet for kids, you could teach or help them learn how to draw, sketch, and write. Whereas, teens and adults can also use them for quick notes, classwork, or to-do list. Environmental paperless drawing board, writing over 100,000 times. No more worry about wasting papers.

The Sensory Kids Store ARK’s Tran-Quill Vibrating Pencil (1 Z-Vibe® Handle with Pencil Tip attachment)
This ultimate sensory tool to work on handwriting skills! ARK's Tran-Quill™ Vibrating Pencil has a smooth, gentle vibration that provides sensory input to the hand without affecting the actual writing/drawing.
The vibration, texture, and weight of the handle can help increase focus and concentration, improve rote muscle memory, normalize writing speed, increase hand strength and dexterity, and decrease the grip force used to hold the crayon. Perfect for homework, note-taking, and more. Highly recommended for individuals with sensory integration issues and/or poor fine motor control.

Special Supplies Spiky Pencil Grips for Kids and Adults Colorful Holders for Handwriting, Drawing, Coloring - Ergonomic Right or Left-Handed Use - Reusable (50-Pack)
Add control and comfort to your favorite writing instrument with slip-on cushioned grips made for keeping hands and fingers comfortable.
When you spend a lot of time writing, drawing, coloring, or just using a pen or pencil, it can leave sores and callouses on the inside of your fingers. That’s why we created these cushioned, colorful Special Supplies Spiky Pencil Grips to help give you more control and comfort no matter if you’re working, complete school assignments, or just creating unique art.

Special Supplies 50 Squishy Pencil Grips for Kids and Adults - Colorful, Cushioned Holders for Handwriting, Drawing, Coloring - Ergonomic Right or Left-Handed Use - Reusable (50)
When you’re little, gripping a pencil can be challenging. And if you’re struggling with staying focused because of ADD or ADHD, it can be especially tough to want to hang onto the pencil and keep working on projects or assignments. That’s why Special Supplies Squishy Pencil Grips help those who need a little extra support when they’re writing, drawing, or simply being creative. Our soft and flexible pencil and pen grips slide onto the “barrel” of your writing instrument to give you a better grip but also to gently stimulate your fingers and hands as you’re working.

Therapy Shoppe Open Palm Hand Weights
Neat hand weight features an open palm and finger loops design that's easy to put on/take off, and comfy to wear. This smart occupational therapy sensory tool provides excellent proprioceptive input and makes it a great handwriting glove! Made of durable lycra that's double stitched for strength and filled with lead-free steel shot. For left or right hand. XS has 1/4 lb. of weight; Sm has 3/8 lb. of weight; Med. and Lg. have 1/2 lb. of weight.
To determine the correct size, measure along the base of the pointer finger to the base of the pinky finger along the palm (MP joints on the palmar side from outer to inner edges). Sold individually.