Sensory Meltdown VS Tantrum
I want you to know that you are not alone, I know how hard this can be for you. I have carried my kids out of restaurants, malls and dentist offices while they screamed, yelled and even took off their clothes, more times than I can count. I know how exhausting it is when you have a child who has meltdowns, especially when it's several times a day. 

I have avoided bringing my children to different events or putting them in many situations in fear that they would have a  meltdown. I remember being so consumed with how embarrassed I would feel if everyone was staring, judging and talking about us.

You have no reason to feel ashamed, nor do you have anything to be embarrassed about. 

Over time, we learn how to avoid meltdowns, we learn our child's sensory triggers and our own as well. We learn new, more effective ways to cope in these situations as well as what sensory tools we need to bring while on an outing. This will get easier over time, I promise you. 

Sensory overload happens when one or more of our senses become overwhelmed. This can happen if a child smells something different that is too strong, they are in a crowded new place or they are in an environment that is too loud. 

The brain is receiving too much information at once to process it properly. 

Sensory Processing Disorder is a neurological disorder that happens when a person finds it difficult to process sensory input. 

Children who have Sensory processing Disorder usually fall into two categories, a seeker or an avoider. Most people think that you have to be one category or the other when in fact, it's more common to be in both.

Hypersensitive means that you are more sensitive (over-responsive) to input than others. This may look like covering your ears when a vacuum is turned on because it is too loud. Or struggling with the feeling of your clothing, even to the point of not being able to wear clothes. At times we refer to people that are hypersensitive as avoiders, they want to avoid certain types of input because they are more sensitive to them.

Hyposensitive means that you are less sensitive (under-responsive) to input than others. Meaning you may want or crave more input to feel regulated and fulfilled. This may look like constantly moving, spinning, jumping, or playing rough with others. At times we refer to people that are hyposensitive as seekers.

There are several other conditions that are connected to sensory overload and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), anxiety disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Tourette's Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Sensory Processing Disorder Types Of Sensory Input 
(our senses) 

1. Tactile

2. Visual

3. Auditory

4. Gustation
5. Olfactory

6. Proprioception

7. Vestibular

8. Interoception

What causes a meltdown?  

- Overstimulation

- Changes to routines

- Excessive demands

- Seeking sensory input 

- Unexpected or unpredictable

- Situations that are new or unfamiliar

- Sensory Overload 

- Dysregulation 

- Hungry or thirsty 

- Inability to communicate needs 

(even minor changes can cause extreme stress)

Signs Of Sensory Overload 

Sensory overload can feel and look different for everyone. 

- sleepiness
- anxiety
- reduced eye contact 
- inability to relax
- changes in muscle tone
- self-harming behavior
- increased stimming
- physical discomfort 
- loss of balance 
- shutting down
- meltdowns
- stressed
- stomach aches
- nausea
- screaming 
- angry outbursts 
- fidgeting
- hiding
- restlessness 
- hyperactivity 
- increased chewing objects 
- distracted
- emotionally withdrawing 
- unable to complete tasks 
- unwilling to participate
- running away
- sweaty 
- doesn't want to be looked at 
- increased sensitivity to clothing
- socially withdrawing
- fast breathing 
- avoiding situations 
- disorientated 
- crying and yelling 
- covering ears
- panic
- muscle tension
- covering eyes
- avoiding places 
- glazed over eyes 
- doesn't want to be touched
- difficulty focusing
- high levels of excitement 
- unable to concentrate 

Signs Of Sensory Overload
- anxiety and panic
- reduced eye contact
- self-harming behavior
- increased stimming
- meltdowns and angry outbursts
- fidgeting and hyperactivity
- increased chewing objects
- distracted and difficulty focusing
- emotionally withdrawing
- unwilling to participate
- running away or hiding
- increased sensitivity to clothing
- socially withdrawing
- fast breathing
- crying and yelling
- covering ears or eyes
- muscle tension
- avoiding places or situations
- doesn't want to be touched

Tantrum VS Meltdown


- A meltdowns are not a choice and are neurological

- The child is reacting to feeling overwhelmed

- Continues without reaction or audience
- A meltdown is not goal dependent 

- The child is experiencing too much sensory input to process 

- Will not bargain 

- Fight, flight and freeze response 

- The child may shut down and get tired  

- Children will cry, scream, yell or run away
- May require assistance to gain control 

When your child is having a sensory meltdown, it doesn't mean that you are a bad parent. 

When your child is having a meltdown, it is important to remain calm, your child needs reassurance that they are safe. Eliminate the sensory input that is causing them to meltdown by taking your child away from the overstimulating environment. Take them to a place where it is calm and remove anything that is dangerous so they cannot hurt themselves. Eliminate the sensory input that is causing them to meltdown.

Encourage them to practice their mindful breathing techniques and give them some space to do their breathing. Ask your child if they would like to be hugged, squeezed and held. Some children want to be held, while others do not want to be touched at all. 

Another great idea is to put together a calm down kit for your child to take on outings so you're prepared for unexpected meltdowns. This calm down kit could include: 

1. noise reduction headphones

3. weighted blanket or weighted lap pad

4. bubbles

5. sensory chew necklace

6. sensory calming bottle

7. calm essential oil roller

8. weighted vest 

9. kaleidoscope 

10. silly putty

11. chewy or crunchy snack

12. sunglasses

13. mini massager

14. Play dough or sensory putty 

In addition to staying calm, as hard as that can be, try to be understanding, don't try to reason with them or make demands when they are in a heightened state. Most importantly, don't judge them or try to discipline them.


- A tantrum is behavioral 

- A tantrum will stop when children get wat they want and their goal is accomplished

- Children will have some control over their behavior during a tantrum

- uses bargaining as a tactic 

- Can develop into a meltdown 

- Tantrums are a choice 
- They will have an angry or frustrated outburst because they're not getting what they want 

- Children will cry, scream, yell and hold their breath

-The child will usually look to an audience to perform

- A child usually checks for engagement 

          When your child is having a tantrum, it doesn't mean that you are a bad parent. 

When children have tantrums, they are struggling to communicate their needs or wants in an appropriate way. When your child is having a tantrum, remember to be empathetic and stay calm. Give them some space while staying close by so you know they are being safe. 

You want to create an environment that is safe to express their feelings. Offer them a hug and let them know that you love them. When talking to them, get down to their level and talk calmly, face to face helps them feel like they're being heard. 

Set up a calm down space with calming tools where they can practice their breathing techniques or listen to calm music. 

If you do not handle tantrums earlier on, it can lead to more intense behavioral issues later on. Tantrums are a completely normal part of being a child, as a parent, it is up to us how we handle them. It's imperative that we don't give in to what they want no matter how embarrassing their behavior can be while out. They need to learn that adults make the decisions. 

Modeling good behavior during tantrums will help our children learn how to behave. If we are yelling and getting angry, they will think that is how they should behave too. Not only toddlers have tantrums, but teenagers also have tantrums as well. Validate your child's feelings while settings appropriate limits on unwanted behaviors. If you take a positive parenting approach, your children will gain great self-control skills and learn to self-regulate.

How to avoid meltdowns and sensory overload

We cannot stop all meltdowns, but we can try to avoid some from happening. You can avoid certain situations or sensations that cause your child to feel overwhelmed when you are aware of what triggers them. 

Therapy can be very beneficial for children who are struggling with sensory overload. An Occupational Therapist can assist you in learning your child's triggers and help you to set up a sensory diet for them. 

Activities such as breathing techniques, meditation, yoga and mindfulness training can be extremely helpful for your child and you as well.  

Explain your child's needs to your family and friends so that they are aware and able to help. When you are attending family functions there are different strategies you can use to make it more sensory friendly for your child. You can ask them to turn the lights down dimmer, lower the music, invite less people or have a designated calm down quiet space for your child. 

Large gatherings, parties, concerts, sports games with flashing lights, loud music and big crowds can be very overwhelming to someone who has sensory challenges. These types of events can cause children to go into sensory overload and have a meltdown. As fun as they would be for some, they aren't as fun for others. Avoiding these places will avoid sensory meltdowns. 

You should always have a plan B. If things are not working out and they are too much for your child, plan an escape route. If you plan ahead, you can figure out where the closest exits and bathrooms are located.

If your child is triggered by loud sounds, take noise reduction headphones with you. If your child is bothered by bright lights, you can take sunglasses with you. A calm down anxiety kit with therapy tools to assist your child are always helpful for outings. 

Regular sensory activities, heavy work activities and following a sensory diet will cut down on meltdowns, how often they happen and their intensity. This will give them the sensory input they need for all their sensory systems. Don't wait until it is too late, and they are already overstimulated, have regularly scheduled sensory breaks throughout the day. 

Use social stories to explain where you are going and what they will be doing so that your child knows what to expect. If they know what to expect, they are far less likely to meltdown from unexpected situations. Providing predictability for your child will make them feel a lot less anxious. Visual schedules of events and counting down to an outing will cut down on anxiety and sensory meltdowns. Give them warnings when it is time to leave and how much longer they have. Using a visual timer can be helpful so they see when it will be time to transition.

What you can add to a calm down kit 

Click here for more ideas for a sensory calm down kit 

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