Tactile Defensiveness

Tactile sensory input is touch to the skin. Tactile defensiveness is the type of sensory dysfunction when tactile sensations cause hypersensitivity, emotional responses and behavioral issues. 

When your child is telling you that something hurts or is uncomfortable that is touching them, they are being truthful. They are having a negative response to the tactile sensory input. 

There are many daily activities that can cause a child to become tactile defensive such as brushing teeth, getting dressed, cutting nails, washing themselves or brushing their hair. 

Children who have Sensory Processing Disorder usually fall into two categories, a seeker or an avoider

Most people think that you have to be one or the other, but you can actually be an avoider and a seeker too. It's more common to be both than one or the other. 

A sensory seeker is hyposensitive, and an avoider is hypersensitive.

A child with Sensory Processing that is an avoider will become overstimulated because they are sensitive to what is around them and will feel everything much more intense than others. Sensory avoiders will avoid sensory input. 

A sensory seeker is the opposite and will feel under stimulated and seek out sensory input. 
Sensory seekers will not react to the environment around them like an avoider does. Sensory seekers crave and want sensory input. 

Hypersensitive means that you are more sensitive (over-responsive) to input than others. This may look like covering your ears when a vacuum is turned on because it is too loud. Or struggling with the feeling of your clothing, even to the point of not being able to wear clothes. At times we refer to people that are hypersensitive as avoiders, they want to avoid certain types of input because they are more sensitive to them.

Hyposensitive means that you are less sensitive (under-responsive) to input than others. Meaning you may want and crave more input to feel regulated and fulfilled. This may look like constantly moving, spinning, jumping, or playing rough with others. At times we refer to people that are hyposensitive as seekers.

Hypersensitivity To Touch (Tactile Defensiveness)

- difficulty getting hair cuts
- avoids being touched or sitting too close to others
- resists wearing shoes, jeans, underwear or socks
- doesn't like nails being cut
- dislikes taking a shower or having a bath
- gets angry or surprised by unexpected touch
- dislikes being kissed or hugged 
- avoids messy play
- refuses to eat different food textures
- avoids going barefoot in the grass 
- doesn't like to wash or brush hair 
- extremely ticklish
- bothered by clothing seams and fabrics 
- gets upset when hands are dirty

Hyposensitivity To Touch (Under-Responsive)

- seeks out touch and wants to touch everything 
- bites or pinches themselves  
- hurts family pets or other children when playing 
- loves messy play 
- unaffected by getting hurt (high pain tolerance) 
- doesn't notice when being touched 
- unbothered by dirty hands or messy face
- bumps into others and objects
- craves heavy pressure 
- enjoys rubbing and feeling certain fabrics
- touches everyone around them 
- doesn't notice a runny nose  
- uses heavy pressure when writing with a pencil
- wants to play in water often

50 Tactile Sensory Activities

1. Exploring and playing in sensory bins 

2. Painting with finger paints
3. Playing in a sand box 

4. Writing and playing in shaving cream 

5. Using fidgets

6. Making and playing with slime 

7. Making cookies with cookie dough

8. Squeezing, rolling and squeezing play dough 

9. Apply different lotions to the body 

10. Play using puppets with different textures
11. Make mud pies 

12. Use different textured fabrics to touch skin 

13. Wearing sensory friendly clothing 

14. Games with contact (piggybacks/wrestling)

15. Back rubs

16. Bear hugs and tight squeezes 

17. Rolling different textured balls over the body 

18. Wear compression clothing 

19. Use a weighted vest 

20. Heavy work activities 

21. Play with water beads 

22. Use a vibrating hand massager

23. Jumping in leaves and throwing them in the air 

24. Gardening and playing in the dirt 

25. Use different textured brushes or cloths at bath time 

26. Apply different textured sensory brushes to the skin  

27. create art using Wikki Stix 

28. Wilbarger brushing 

29. Wrap up in a compression sheet 

30. Roll up like a hotdog in a blanket 

31. Sit in a sensory pressure canoe (Peapod/Cozy Canoe) 

32. Write or draw on a chalk board using chalk 

33. Play with jello
34. Roll over body with deep pressure rolling pin 

35. Swing in a caccoon swing 

36. Play in sensory rice and add different textured toys 

37. Water play 

38. A walk in nature and exploring different textures 

39. Explore using kinetic sand 

40. Holding a tactile sensory vibration pillow 

41. Dance around on textured floor tiles 

42. Explore with sensory sequin tools (fidgets/lap pad) 

43. Snuggle up in a weighted blanket 

44. Add paint in a ziplock bag and explore the texture 

45. Washing dishes 

46. Make sensory balloon fidgets with different fillings 

47. Squeezing therapy putty or digging in putty to find objects 

48. Moving and dancing in a sensory body sock 

49. Playing in cooked/uncooked pasta

50. Sitting on a bean bag chair 

Tactile Sensory Tools & Toys 

At the Beach Weighted Sand Kit Sensory Sand for Fine Motor and Visual Motor Activity
Get the beach fun without the beach mess! This weighted sand is dry and pliable, perfect for a sensory bin. It includes 11 beach-themed shapes to hide and find for fine motor and visual motor practice. Squeeze it, pack it and pull it to make cool shapes for sensory activities that encourage integration and tactile exploration. Won't stick to clothing or surfaces, making sensory play easy and clean-up a breeze. 
Encourages sensory integration, fine motor control and tactile exploration
Supports kids with ADHD, sensory processing disorder and autism
Made by Fun and Function Age 3+

Wilbarger Therapy Brush, 2 Pack – Therapressure Brush for Occupational Therapy for Sensory Brushing – Designed by Patricia Wilbarger – Use as Part of the Wilbarger Brushing Protocol
This Therapressure brush is designed to deliver a deep pressure massage to help improve sensory defensiveness. Includes 2 brushes
Use as part of the Wilbarger Brushing Protocol (Brushing Therapy) to help improve attention span, focus and ability to transition between activities
Best when used with the guidance of a trained occupational therapist. Run the soft, dense bristles over the skin with moderate pressure for a calming sensory experience

Creativity for Kids Sensory Bin: Outer Space - Preschool and Toddler Sensory Toys, Fine Motor Skills Toys and Sensory Activities for Kids Ages 3+
Blast off on a intergalactic mission with a galaxy play bin filled with glowing stars, 2.5 lbs of space rocks, astronaut, squishy alien and more! This self-contained space toy is an out of this world unique tactile sensory experience
All sensory bins fillers are carefully selected and tested to provide the best at home play activities for toddlers. Since 1976, Creativity for Kids has proudly made fun and creative experiences today to nurture children's confidence for life

Discovery Putty- Animal Rescue The Putty With Animal Pieces!
Discovery Putty is the playful way to strengthen hands and improve fine motor planning. Stretch, mold and pull this therapy putty until you find all hidden objects--and then hide the pieces all over again! Animal Rescue play putty features  bear, bee, snail, deer, owl, alligator, bunny, monkey, horse, whale, sheep, elephant, frog, ladybug, butterfly all hidden in brown putty (firm resistance). 
High quality professional putty
Supports speech and color recognition
Free of gluten, casein, latex and soy Age 3+

Elmer's Celebration Slime Kit, 10 Count
The possibilities of slime are only limited by your imagination when you use Elmer's Glue and Magical Liquid Slime Activators. This kit contains five of each so you can mix and match and discover new slime combinations! Elmer's Glue is washable, safe, and nontoxic, making it great for kids. Meanwhile the Magical Liquid removes the need for contact lens solution, baking soda, and other additives, making it the easy, no-hassle way to turn glue into slime! What kind of slime will you create? 

Special Supplies Matching Game Sensory Discs, 10 Sets, Tactile Stimulation for Kids, 
Interactive and Calming Sensory Play – A unique way to keep kids calm, relaxed, and focused, these sensory toys for kids can be used for stimulating their hands, feet, skin, and even mind while creating a multi-sensory experience.
Tactile Matching Surfaces – These sensory circles come with matching pairs that each feature a raised, textured surface that makes pairing them together fun and challenging with the included ultra-soft blindfold.
Physical and Occupational Therapy – Special Supplies sensory toys are a great way to help children explore their natural senses including touch response, orientation, physical coordination, and even general balance (when using their feet).

Wikki Stix Single Color Packs
You've asked for the ability to buy quantities of Wikki Stix in a single color, and we are happy to introduce single color packages. Thirty-six, 6″ Wikki Stix all in one color. Perfect for school projects, holiday activities…and lots more.
Wikki Stix Learning Toys are the original — trusted by parents, schools, and teachers everywhere. Wikki Stix are more than a craft toy and more than a learning toy, they're a powerful interactive teaching tool! Wikki Stix Learning Toys conform to ASTM D-4236, the safety standard for use in the schools. Recommended for ages 3 & up.

Creativity for Kids Sensory Bin: Race Track - Fine Motor Skills Toys for Kids, Pretend Play Preschool Toys for Toddlers Ages 3+4
Start your engines to zip, zoom and race around a DIY car track in a play bin filled with sensory sand, gravel, 2 race cars and more! This self-contained car playset is a hands-on pretend play experience for toddlers ages 3+
Sensory bins allow toddlers to discover, imagine and learn while engaging their senses. Place the self-contained sensory bin on a tablecloth or towel to scoop, sort and build for easy clean up and endless hours of hands-on pretend play!
Enjoy hours of imaginative play while building fine motor skills and promoting sensory development. Create cognitive tasks for your preschooler as you sort, categorize, count and engage in hands-on play with your sensory bin

Therapy Shoppe Water Beads
NEW!  Water beads are perfect for sensory bins and tactile sensory play!  Just add water and they expand to make 6 cups of irresistibly feeling gel-like beads!  These reusable water beads come in a handy little plastic tube.  Sensory Bins provide children with oppoortunities to explore and learn thru hands-on play that engages multiple senses.  This type of play often supports and encourages many different areas of development:  fine motor skills, language, sensory modulation, self regulation, and more.  Add a few of our Therapy Shoppe tongs for kids, scoops, and/or manipulatives – and you've got a great sensory activity set!  You'll love these versatile Water Beads that are recommended for ages 6-up. 

Sensory Mat Module Set of Massage Game Mats for Kids Orthopedic Massage Puzzle Floor Mats Sensory Toys for Autistic Children
Kids Floor Mat Set Contains: 8 modules. Soft Grass (2 pieces), Thorns (2 pieces), Pebbles First Step (2 pieces), Cones (2 pieces)
The Total size of Sensory Tiles for Kids is 19.7x39.4 '' (50x100 cm); One element - 9.8x9.8 '' (25x25 cm).
Kids Massage Mat is beneficial for children include: It helps to build nerve connections in the brain. It encourages the development of motor skills.
Sensory Steps for Kids Activity Stimulates a Young Child's Senses of Touch
Sensory Mat can be as Therapy Equipment and Assists Autistic Toddlers & Children with Sensory Issues

Therapy Shoppe Colored Corn Brushes with a Handle 
Brushing is lots more fun with our colored corn brushes!  Each brush has a comfortable, attached, easy-grip flat handle.  These popular sensory brushes come in your choice of 3 colors:  Yellow Brush with a Green Handle, Green Brush with a Cream Handle, or Brown with a Cream Handle (*cream colored handles feature a swirly, marble-like look).  Sold in packs of 10, 30, or 100 brushes.  A great sensory diet tool for home, clinics, or school!

Creativity for Kids Sensory Bin: Construction Zone Playset - Sandbox Truck Toys for Kids
Dig, build and learn new skills - one work zone at a time! This ultimate sensory play sandbox is filled with easy to mold sensory sand, toy trucks, sensory tools and more! Just add imagination for constructive hands-on play time. Sensory bins allow children to discover, imagine and learn while engaging their senses. Place the self-contained sensory bin on a table cloth or towel and scoop, sort, dig and build for easy clean up and endless hours of hands-on play!
All sensory bins fillers are carefully selected and safety tested to provide the best at home play activity. Since 1976, Creativity for Kids has proudly made fun and creative experiences today to nurture children's confidence for life. 

Therapy Shoppe Vibrating Minkee Sensory Tubes
NEW!  Thick and cushiony 30" vibrating roll with a delightfully soft, bumpy minkee cover and 6 different massaging modes. This versatile, moldable mega sensory tube holds its shape when you bend and mold it.  This neat Vibrating Minkee Sensory Tube is a wonderful tactile sensory tool for alerting or calming self regulation and tactile stimulation.  Tactile sensory seekers will be thrilled!  Requires 3 “AAA” batteries (not included). Comes in a pretty blue color. Designed for ages 3-adults.

Twistle Squish Lime The perfect solution for when you have a case of the wiggles or a little anxiety. Reduce stress and manage anxiety by keeping fingers busy with a focused mind. With quiet and smooth movements, these fidget toys twist into fun shapes and designs.
Mix and match with other Twistles for more imaginative play.
Perfect for treasure chest rewards and incentives.
Thirty-two 13/16" links covered with a squishy silicone material.

Kozie Clothes Signature Denim Weighted Vest
For Children with Special Needs/Proprioceptive Therapy for SPD 
This adorable, relevantly styled weighted vest comes with FIVE hidden inside weights placed in our 5 inside pockets, which can also house additional accessory weights (sold separately). Consult with a Sensory Occupational Therapist or contact us with questions for more information.
Colors Available: Denim Blue
Fabric / Material: 100% Cotton Denim
No tags (one tear away tag) to limit sensory sensitivity increasing calmness and focus capabilities of child.
Zipper with water resistant neoprene pull that doubles as a “chewy”.

Educational Insights Teachable Touchables Textured Beanbags Squares, Toddler Sensory Toys, Preschool Toys, Set of 20 Beanbags, Ages 3+
Scratchy, slippery, silky, or soft? Young learners build tactile awareness and vocabulary skills as they interact with these 20 texture squares (10 different pairs) in a variety of "hands-on" activities. Textures include bumpy, furry, fuzzy, nubby, and more
20 bean bags and activity guide that covers matching, descriptors, communication, and tactile discrimination
Build tactile awareness, fine motor skills and vocabulary skills in a variety of hands-on activities

Creativity for Kids Sensory Bin: Ocean and Sand - Fine Motor and Sensory Toys for Kids
Dive into an ocean and sand adventure with a self-contained beach environment filled with fascinating water beads, 2 lbs of easy to mold play sand, ocean toys and more! This self-contained play bin is the ultimate sensory experience! Creativity for Kids Sensory Bins allow children to discover, imagine, learn and create, while engaging their senses and having FUN! Materials are carefully selected (and safety-tested!) to provide the best hands-on play experience. Scoop, sort and explore in this self-contained sensory bin. Sensory Bins provide many learning benefits and resources for children to build find motor skills, promote sensory development and encourage imaginative play. 

Kozie Clothes Extraordinary Weighted Sensory Blanket - Removable Duvet, Engineered For Safety
It is no surprise that our Kozie Weighted Blanket with Duvet cover can have a positive neurological effect on just about any one, however there are many who suffer from conditions that really benefit from the deep pressure sensory input of our weighted blanket.  Deep pressure often increases our Happy hormones such as serotonin and dopamine while also slowing down our involuntary functions such as heart rate, blood pressure and the stress hormone cortisol. 

Playlearn Stretchy Snuggle Swing
Sensory children will love feeling completely enveloped in this soft and stretchy material! The durable, yet flexible, fabric provides deep touch pressure to improve body awareness, balance and motor planning, as the children move around and stretch out inside this swing. The soothing combination of gentle rocking and all-over sensory pressure, makes this swing the perfect sensory solution for a quiet reading or study space at home, too!

Star Essence Energy Aromatherapy Putty CALM + ENERGIZE
Let your child knead, roll or pinch this all natural putty to help calm and reduce tension. 
All raw materials used in Star Essence Energy Aromatherapy Putty are researched to ensure a safe, non toxic sensory tool that a child will enjoy while self-regulating throughout the day.

Crazy Aaron's Putty Color Shock & Holo Mini Tins (.47oz Each) Sun Beam, Coral Reef, Eternal Flame & Moonlight Gift Set Bundle - 4 Pack
Crazy Aaron's Putty Color Shock & Holo Mini Tins (.47oz each) Sun Beam, Coral Reef, Eternal Flame & Moonlight Gift Set Bundle - 4 Pack, is AWESOME!
his is an amazing set of 4 (2 Inch, .47oz) Mini Tins from Crazy Aaron! HOLO - Holographic glitter and sparkle! - Color Shock - New technology features two colors in one! HOLO - Holographic glitter and sparkle!
Color Shock - New technology features two colors in one! Gluten free, latex free and amazing for special needs, party favors & much more!
For Ages 3 and up - Fun for the whole family!
Fun and Function - Space Explorers - Body Sock - Calming Sensory Sack for Kids & Adults - Promote Sensory Integration & Self-Regulation Skills for Fidgety Kids - Cheetah Print - Medium (47"L x 27"W)  Fun and Function’s beloved body socks are made of a stretchy, snug fabric that hugs your body, providing soothing proprioceptive input. Climb inside the sensory sack and stretch out to feel a just-right amount of resistance. For sensory kids, teens, and adults, these sacks can help ground and calm the wearer and feel as if they are receiving a comforting bear hug
These sensory sacks also double as an adorable costume! Encourage imaginative play and exploration with these colorful solids and prints! Curl up like a snail, stand tall in a power pose or even bend yourself to form a letter of the alphabet. The possibilities for imaginative fun are endless!

Harry the Sensory Hedgehog You’ve Never Met a Friendlier Lap Pad!
Harry is a sensory companion with gentle weight, pockets and really cool hair! He enjoys keeping you company during circle time, homework, therapy sessions or car rides. His soft, shaggy hair encourages tactile exploration. Tuck fidgets inside Harry’s zippered pocket or add weights to use him as a lap pad. Pocket holds up to 10 lbs. of weight (sold separately, see accessories), which helps improve focus and attention.
Friendly face helps improve social skills, speech and language
Supports kids with autism, ADHD and sensory processing disorder
Made by Fun and Function
For children age 3+ weighing 18+ lbs.

Snuggle Sheet Sleep Tight With Gentle Compression
Does your sensory sensitive child need help settling down to sleep? Just slip our Snuggle Sheet over the mattress like a pillowcase, and tuck right in beneath it. The snug sensory sheet provides light compression for a cozy hug. Made of organic cotton with a touch of spandex, the soft and soothing material ensures maximum comfort for sensory seekers who crave extra pressure.
Provides soothing compression with a lighter touch than a weighted blanket
Compression sheet supports kids with sensory processing disorder, ADHD and autism
Made by Fun and Function Age 5+

Beadeez Squishy Stress Balls with DNA Spiky Textures (3-Pack) Colorful Sensory Toy and Stress Relief for Kids, Adults - Squeezy Water Beads - Promote Calm Focus for ADHD, Autism
Squishy, Spiky, and Colorful Fun – Beadeez! stretchy stress balls feature DNA colored water beads and a spiky to provide both mental and physical stimulation in a safe, non-toxic toy that’s perfect for restoring focus and relieving stress or anxiety.
Exciting Sensory Toy Pack – This 3-pack of stress relief toys for adults and kids are small enough to be enjoyed at home, in the car, at work, or on the go, providing support for those with ADHD, autism, fidgeting, or stress-related behaviors.

Kids 3 Pounds Weighted Blanket 36" x 48", Children Fleece Minky Dots Heavy Blankets with 4 Cartoon Pattern Options Soft Warm Breathable Gift for Toddler Bed Sleeping, Blue Dinosaur
Enhance Kids Sleep Quality: Are your kids always full of energy at night and don’t go to sleep? Except giving the certain weight on kids body, Coolplus Kids Fleece Weighted Blanket also adopts little bumps design, and touching these bumps helps to relieve toddler’s stress, comforting toddlers with extra safety to a promote faster and stable sleep
Innovative Heavy Blanket Design: Millions of high-quality micro glass beads inside the combined fibers as well as in each needle pocket, can evenly distribute weight to a kid’s body. 7 Layers into a streamlined design. 

Star Essence Awesome Aromatherapy Chalk SENSORY PLAY + AROMATHERAPY FOR COMFORT
Awesome Aromatherapy Chalk is a fun and active way for children to engage their creative thinking skills. Each chalk comes in a variety of fun shapes - stars, hearts, squares, circles. Every chunky piece of aromatherapy chalk is infused with the Awesome blend of essential oils.
Awesome blend of essential oils is curated to create a sense of balance and comfort. 
Spearmint essential oil refreshes emotions to help provide a positive attitude. 

Special Supplies Vibrating Pillow Sensory Pressure Activated for Kids and Adults, 12” x 12” Plush Minky Soft Cover with Textured Therapy Stimulation Bumps, Blue
Relaxing Sensory Therapy Pillow – This innovative calming pillow is designed to help sooth stress or anxiety, promote calm, and restore physical and emotional balance with a comforting squeeze and gentle vibration.
Innovative Vibrating Core – Inside the Special Supplies sensory vibrating pillow is a battery-powered core that gently vibrates to add a fun, huggable feel that kids and adults will love. Perfect for those with ADD, ADHD, or autism.
Ultra-Plush, Velvety Soft Cover– The exterior of our sensory pillows for kids is covered with a soft, breathable, velvet style fabric that is gentle on sensitive skin and creates even more comfortable, calming relief.

Therapy Shoppe Rainbow Sensory Rice
NEW!  Rainbow Sensory Rice is the perfect hide 'n find medium for sensory bins and tactile activities!  Tactile sensory play helps support and encourage the development of sensory processing skills, tactile discrimination, fine and visual perceptual motor skills, and lots more.  Create your own sensory activity kit by adding a few tongs, scoops, and manipulatives.  This irresistibly tactile and colorful 1 lb. set of sensory rice is great for home play, school classrooms, OT and art activities, and sensory break corners (but is not for eating).  For ages 3+.

Spiky Glove sensory tactile fidget tool autism occupational therapy
Your child will love the feel of this flexible and stretchy spiky glove.
The spiky glove is made of a soft stretchy non-toxic material that is fun to manipulate and touch. Use the spiky glove during handwriting for increased proprioceptive input or just play with it for some great tactile fun. The stretchy nature of the material makes this a one size fits most.
Your child will love the feel of this flexible and stretchy spiky glove. The spiky glove is made of a soft stretchy non-toxic material that is fun to manipulate and touch. Use the spiky glove during handwriting for increased proprioceptive input or just play with it for some great tactile fun.

Puzzle Pieces Sensory Bin Critters
PLAY AND PRETEND - Create your own pretend play flower garden in an ultimate sensory play experience! Engage the senses with a unique play space bin filled with easy to mold sensory sand in 2 colors, faux flowers and critters, shovel, tongs and more!
SENSORY BIN - Sensory bins allow children to discover, imagine and learn while engaging their senses. Place the self-contained sensory bin on a table cloth or towel and scoop, sort, dig and build for easy clean up and endless hours of hands-on play!

Grape Ball Squeeze Toy Grape ball can be randomly squeeze to any shape.
Grape ball can be randomly squeeze to any shape.
Helping you relax your hands and promote the blood circulation.
Interesting grape ball style can stress relieving when you squeeze toy.
Made of environmentally soft rubber and liquid filler, don't squeeze the same part for a long time or use a sharp thing to stab it.
If you're not satisfied product for any reason, please contact us to resend new one or full refund, no need return goods.

Playlearn Gel Animals - Squishy Fidget - 4 Pack
The cutest set of 4 glittery animals in a variety of colors.

Squeeze and squish to your heart's content! So regulating for tactile-seeking hands.

- Soft durable material

- Filled with colored water and glitter.

JettProof Planets - Calming Sensory Compression Sheet
We specialise in calming the sensory system using Calmtex® Sleep fabric, which has been designed specifically for sensory care. 
JettProof sensory sheets slip over the mattress and are open ended, making it easy to remove for washing.  
Our sensory sheets are the perfect addition for any child or adult living with Anxiety, ADHD, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder or PTSD, by providing calming sensory input.
All stitching is on the outside, away from the skin.
Available for Single, King Single, Double, Queen and King size beds.

DreamGYM Sensory Swing - Red Sensory swing for everyone! Great for vestibular input for people with SPD and autism.
Great for use indoors and outdoors. Safe. Assembled in Canada.
Weight capacity 220 lbs (100 kg).  Recommended age 5+.
High quality fabric: 4-way stretch, 95% cotton, 5% lycra.
Includes all necessary hardware for easy installation.
Therapy Sensory Swing is great for providing vestibular input for children with sensory processing disorder and autism. Deep pressure create calming effects. It is made of high quality stretching fabric (95% cotton, 5% lycra/spandex). It has soft and natural feel. 

Therapy Shoppe FuzzBudds Big Bouncy Cuddle Buddy Therapy Balls
NEW! FUZZBUDDS are big ole fuzzy furry cuddly buddy sensory therapy balls that double as a sensory ball chair wiggle seat!  Phenomenal for tactile sensory seekers, wigglers, deep pressure seekers, and kiddos who love furry, cuddly toys or sensory tools.  Great for full-body rolling deep pressure input, and they provide amazing sensory feedback during toss and catch games and other gross motor activities.  Each Fuzzbudd comes with a cuddly machine washable cover and a foot pump.  Your choice of 3 kid-friendly colors and sizes.  Adorable, versatile, and super durable.  These were a big hit with every age tester and our staff, too.  You'll love these adorable sensory balls that have gigantic eyes and faces!

Texture Sensory Bean Bags,Toddler Sensory Toys for Babies,Preschool Toys Set of 13 Beanbags, Shape Sensory Bean Bags with Storage Bag,Develop Fine Motor & Sensory Play for Newborns’ Early Learning
Feel the Texture and Shape of the World in Hands-On Way]:Nylon cloth, corduroy, woolen, pasted, pleated, beige, mesh textures. Many different textures, many different touches. Let the baby get different sensory feedback in the process of hand touch and play, and help the baby's hand touch development. In addition, this bean bag is also perfect for children with special needs to help them deal with anxiety, relax mood and keep their hands busy.

Fun a Ton Stretchy Balls Stress Relief (Pack of 1) Soft Dough Stress Ball Pull and Stretch. Hand Therapy or Sensory Fidget Toy, Squishy Anxiety Relaxing Toy. 
Squeezable Stress Ball! A great tool that serves as a coping skill for anxiety, ADHD and helps with motor skills development. Its bright colors encourage kids to play with it and keep themselves entertained. Great for Sensory Toys for Classroom or Classroom Fidget, Sensory Processing Disorder Toys, Stress toy for kids, Autism sensory toys, Stress Relief, Hand Therapy, Stress Reliever, Sensory Fidget Toy. For Kids, Toddlers, Adults, Boys Girls. Make Relaxation Simple. Great tool For Therapists Anxiety relief or exercise ball.

Stressless Fidget Balls Squeeze the Stress Away!
Stress is a goner with these squishy multisensory stress balls. As kids squeeze these balls, they’ll enjoy the feel of the smooth stretchy material and work on fine motor control and intrinsic hand strengthening. Squeeze the green fidget ball to hear a “crunchy” sound like waves crashing on a beach. The blue ball makes no noise, perfect as a silent fidget for kids. Toss both stress toys in your backpack or purse for any time kids need to self regulate or de-stress.
Supports kids with ADHD, low muscle tone and sensory processing disorder
Helps with coordination, fine motor skills and sensory integration
Made by Fun and Function Age 3+

Therapy Shoppe Atomic Neato Doh Ball
NEW! Color changing neato doh fidget ball inside in a web-like rubbery matrix! Give this unique sensory ball a good squeeze and watch the inner ball bubble through the matrix, change colors, all while making a soft gurgling sound! Neato balls feature a dough-like filling that feels similar to kneading fluffy whipped potatoes! A neat multisensory fidget tool that's like getting 2 stress relieving balls in one; it will entertain tactile sensory seekers of all ages (3-up) for hours. Makes a nice calming squeeze ball for short sensory breaks, too.

JettProof Sensory T-Shirt Boys
JettProof calming sensory compression t-shirts are perfect for Anxiety, Autism, ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder.  
Designed for Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder & Anxiety
Calming sensory compression
Machine wash and dry
JettProof t-shirts can be worn as clothing or undergarments and help children regulate their body and filter sensory information, which enables them to listen, focus and learn while staying calm, and become more self aware. They are manufactured extra long to provide sensory input to all of the torso.
JettProof is designed to wear all day, every day to keep the sensory system calm. 

Puzzle Pieces Sensory bin Dino
Foster imaginative play with the Dinosaur Dig Sensory Bin. This self-contained play bin is the ultimate sensory experience.
Develop and practice fine motor movement with scooping, sifting and brushing fossils in this self-contained dinosaur dig environment.
Includes magnifying glass, foam volcano, fossil brush, play sand, faux plant, sand sifter, dinosaurs, skeletons and more!
Conveniently packed in a bin with lid for easy storage. Bin measures approximately 14 ½ w " x 10 ¼ l " X 4 ¾" h.

11''Stretchy Spaghetti Ball,Fidget String Noodles Sensory Toy,Fiddle Autism Stress Toy,Pasta Autism,ADD,ADHD Classroom Tools
Stretchy Spaghetti Ball Fidget Noodle Sensory Fidget Fiddle Autism Stress Toy Fidget or sensory toys help with sensory integration, build motor skills, and teach self-regulation. They help maintain focus and help a child on the autism spectrum, a.d.h.d, a.d.d and/or sensory processing disorder, better process information. For some children sensory fidgets can also be helpful in maintaining socially acceptable behaviors. A fidget toy provides an outlet for excess energy, making it easier for a child to control or reduce their impulsive reaching out and touching everything around them.

Fun and Function - Busy Fingers Marble Maze Set - Fidget Pad for Children with Special Needs - For Anxiety and Stress Relief - Age 4+ Help your child enhance focus & feel calm with Fun and Function’s Busy Fingers Marble Maze Set. This set includes 2 soft plush mazes which are easy to manipulate and provide mesmerizing fun!
For fidgety and restless kids, our fidget pad is a perfect, highly engaging sensory tool that will keep their fingers occupied while they move a marble through pellets or back and forth through the maze
Both fidget mazes are small enough to rest in your child’s lap so that they can experience the calming benefits discreetly when in overwhelming situations. The plush fabric also provides tactile stimulation & can help improve concentration

Wikki Stix
Simply stated…they stick! No glue, no paste, no mess. Just press them down with light fingertip pressure on virtually any smooth surface and they will stick. They are also easy to peel up and reposition so “mistakes” virtually disappear.
Plus, they stick to each other for 3-D creativity and fun. Twist, bend, stick, create. That’s it! No preparation… no clean-up… no mess.

Lucky & Me Nolan Boys Organic Cotton Boxer Briefs (7-Pack) Take comfy to the next level with our 100% certified organic cotton Nolan Boys Boxer Briefs. Dreamily soft to the touch, these boxer briefs are breathable, tagless, and incredibly durable. The legs offer extra coverage and won’t ride up ever and there's a functional fly for easy convenience. The best part? The elastic waistband is fully encased with our super soft 100% organic cotton—even the most sensitive of little ones will love putting on these undies!
No scratchy or itchy tags

Sensational Textured Circle Fidgets For Fidgeting and Tactile Play
Sensory activities go 'round and 'round with our Sensational Textured Circle Fidgets. The tactile surfaces on each side are perfect for fidgeting and sensory exploration. Trace your fingers over the raised lines on one side, and feel the fine bristles on the other. Place on the floor and feel the bumps and bristles with your feet! Gently touch the fidget toys to your face. Circles can also be hung on the wall.
Encourages sensory integration and tactile exploration
Supports kids with ADHD, sensory processing disorder and autism
Made by Fun and Function Age 3+

Spiky Tactile Balls Have a Ball with Developmental Skills
Hide it, hold it, roll it and toss it! This is one of our best therapeutic play balls because it's so versatile. The spikes are firm enough to use for deep pressure and massage, but soft enough to open up a world of tactile exploration. The easy to grip textured surface also makes this ball perfect for teaching kids to catch. You can under-inflate the ball so it has more 'give' and is easier to catch. Use during free play in early childhood, physical education classes and therapy sessions. 
Encourages reciprocal play and hand-eye coordination
Supports kids with sensory processing disorder, low muscle tone and visual processing disorder 
Made by Fun and Function  Age 3+

Lucky & Me Bella Girls Briefs - Hands down the most comfortable underwear ever designed for girls, our Bella Briefs are crafted with ComfySeam™ bonding technology. Instead of being sewn together, our super soft tri-blend fabric is fused together using advanced adhesives—bringing high-end sportswear innovation to kids undies for the first time. 
The result is barely there seams that are practically stitch free, except for a couple of minimally stitched areas for reinforcement. The Bella is soft and smooth, with a fit that is absolutely perfect every time. As one of our little reviewers exclaimed, “It’s like wearing a cloud!” We couldn’t have said it better.

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