You know you're an ADHD parent when.... 

1. You only get 2 minutes bathroom time. 
2. Your child is talking in her inside voice and the whole restaurant can hear what she is saying, they don’t get the “indoor voice” thing at all.

3. You stay up half the night waiting for them to go to sleep  or you get asked the same thing multiple times as they forger they've already asked it at least 6 times before.

4. When you get anxious and shaky about thirty minutes before the bus delivers them and you have no idea what to expect each night. I think it’s called Parenting PTSD?! 

5. You have to repeat 100 times when asking them to take their meds. 
6. They are the best little comedians. 
7. You have anxiety when you go on a play date or to a party with your child.

8. When you have to ask 15 times over and over in between their bites of dinner to please get off the scooter in the house and eat your dinner. Dinner takes FOREVER! 

9. Your child is late for school every morning.

10. When check on your child 10 minutes after they are done having a shower and they still don't have their clothes on.

11. You see your child’s teacher and first words you say are "What did he do now"?

12. You give them a 5 minutes warning time and ask them to go put on their socks and shoes and 5 minutes later, they’re only wearing underwear. Almost daily occurrence for my kinder.

13. I have to repeat "don’t touch mommy's food, you have ur own" many many times. 

14. You say "clean your room" way too many times to count. 

15. You still check their backpack and agenda daily in and they're in high school. 

16. While some days are better, I’m still guiding the ship. 

17. You open up their backpack, only to find what could be considered a science experiment that's growing new varieties of penicillin from all the mold.

18. You don’t even flinch when remind alerts show up on your phone. 

19. I’d never get any work done at work if I stopped everything every time his teacher text me. 

20. You can’t breathe without rolling your eyes most days. 

21. You see the school phone number calling on your cell phone and you have memorized it. Your heart still skips a beat every single time. 

22. Your kid doesn't stop moving. Ever. Even when sitting or standing still. 

23. You've had two calls home from the school for the week and it's only Tuesday!

24. Your house is turned into an indoor playground. 

25. Legos are all over the floor, and you have a hammock in the living room to soothe and calm. 

26. Your broken furniture needs replacing, regularly. 

27. When you mutter to yourself "are you serious right now??" 452932 times a day.

28. You don’t get any sleep for days on end.

29. You ask your child to pass you your shoes and they give you headphones instead. 

30. School report card states,” lacks self control”. 

31. You have to physically dress your 10 year old to be on time to work. 

32. You're constantly saying loudly ONE...… TWO...….THREE.... 

33. You answer a call from your child's daycare and say "I’m on my way" because you already know. 

34. You answer the phone "what he do now"?

35. You are on repeat in the mornings to get your child ready for school so that they catch the bus ON TIME. 

36. You stay on repeat ALL the time!! You feel like you're constantly pointing out the obvious and wondering if you are the one that is going crazy. 

37. Every morning you promise yourself that we're going to be on time today and you won't yell but less than 30 minutes later you're screaming and yeah we're late again. 

38. You have a headache and have to get through the rest of your day easing it to start all over once school is over. 

39. Your child is independently studying and you repeat “do your work” 37282828272 times in 10 mins. 

40. There's times, you want a drink of wine at 9 am.

41. You recieve a call from your child's school and hesitate answering, but also grab your coat. 

42. You child goes for intensive outpatient behavioral therapy 3 times per week.

43. You feel like a piece of sh*t at the end of the a day because you raised your voice ... again. 

44. Your child is the only child dancing in the middle of the basketball court after playing 2 full games, when the other children are completely exhausted.

45. You look at your child's face who has A.D.H.D and think he/she is the most perfect person in the whole world.

46. You can just look at another child, know they have A.D.H.D  too and give them some extra love, attention and not judge them.

47. You say stop jumping every 2 mins

48. You are reading this list and smile because you know you aren't in this alone. 

49. It takes another person to mention that I have a child standing on my shoulder before I even notice because I am being used as a piece of furniture or a playground. 

50. You go overboard on stories about how much fun it will be repeating the same grade next year, "IF YOU DON’T DO YOUR DAMN HOMEWORK"!

51. You just stop going to parent/teacher conferences. 

52. For the 1,000th time, "please just put on your clothes".  Now, they're backwards/upside down/inside out, let's fix them.

53. You constantly say "your shoes are on the wrong feet". 

54. You feel like you’re going to have a heart attack by 8 am everyday.

55. You remind yourself every morning that your child's medication hasn't kicked in yet. 

56. You are always learning new breathing exercises and being mindful to get you through the day. 

57. Your child just got in trouble for what they just got in trouble for five minutes ago and then they do it again.

58. You are always trying to teach them how to tie their shoes. 

59. How many times a day do I have to tell you to "go to your room" or "you're grounded"? 

60. You have to ask your 5 year old over and over again to "please stop trying to climb the walls". 

61. When you are always reminding yourself that you rock as an A.D.H.D parent and no one could care for your child like you do. 

62. You say "get in the shower", "why aren't you in the shower yet"? "Get in the shower, are you in the shower yet"? Over and over and over...

63. Your 8 year old thinks he has to rush through everything including wiping his butt and you pick him up from school and he smells like straight poop. Lord, I hope those teachers don’t think I sent him to school that way? 

64. Everything is always rushed. Homework. Dinner. Sleep. 

65. When you realize the public school system is not equipped for a child with A.D.H.D and therefore, you homeschool. 

66. Strangers are looking at you like you are a horrible parent in stores because after the 34th melt down, you finally snap and completely loose it. There's been so many times I have left the buggy full and walked right out because you are too overwhelmed and embarassed. 

67. You usually go shopping during school hours. 

68. You ask your child to clean their room and they are upstairs dancing. When you ask them what they are doing, they forgot that you even asked them to do anything.

69. Your child's school has your number on speed dial. 

70. You completely understand that you need to teach your child responsibility but cleaning their room that looks like a tornado went through it, is so much easier and less draining than repeating yourself 5000 times. 

71. Your child finally finished their homework, they place it in their backpack to take to school for the next day. You ask them if they turned it in to the teacher and they forgot too. 

72. You have to hold your 10 yr old’s hand in parking lots because ya he’s in his own world not paying attention enough to avoid getting run over.

73. You pray for just one week without a single email or phone call from the school.

74. People think you're not good at parenting and think you don't discipline but they don't understand that you are trying your best. 

75. You don’t even notice notice your child's behavior anymore. It becomes your "normal". 

76. Your child is constantly singing and yelling. They don't care or notice where and how loud.

77. Your child is a class clown and always seeking attention. 

78. Your child is usually teasing other singlings relentlessly. 

79. You apologize even before your kid did anything to apoligize for. 

80. The teacher or principal is walking towards you and you say to yourself "damn, now what"?

81. Everyone at the your child's school knows you by name.

82. You’re filling out a permission slip right before leaving for a school, the day of a class trip or your child forgot to even give it to you at all and you get a call from the school saying it wasn't signed.  

83. You can recognize another A.D.H. D child in a room full of kids.

84. You feel like you have twins but it's only your one child that's all over the place. 

85. You have a serious sense of humour about parenting because if you didn’t you would sit in the corner and cry most days.

86. Your child wakes you up in the middle of the night to ask you questions such as “does my brain control me, or do I control my brain?”

87. You have to ask your child to come down from the window sill to eat his dinner. Which he won’t eat anyways and if he does, it will take hours. 

88. You show up at your child's science fair and your child's presentation is the worst one there because you threw your hands up and said "just finish it". 

89. You’re jealous of the other parents whose kids amazingly, unlike yours, manage to sit still during church. 

90. You roll your eyes as soon as you see a phone call or message from the school.

91. Your child got distracted for the 17th time today and it is not even noon yet. 

92. You are looking your child in the face talking to them and you see them looking at you but not reacting and then they respond with “what did you just say?”

93. Your child's class assignments come home written in pen or marker with doodles all over it and only half of it is completed. 

94. Your child has been in the shower for 30 minutes and when you go check on them, they’re hair is still dry. 

95. You cry yourself to sleep every night because you feel like a failure and have to pep talk yourself and remind yourself that you did the best you could today and tomorrow is gonna be a fresh start because he can't help what he does sometimes. 

96. You're brave to shop in stores with your child. 

97. You use pickup service for shopping. Shopping is both too exhausting and stressful.

98. Your home office desk is just as messy as your child's bedroom desk.

99. You have to ask 20 questions to get one answer. 

100. There is clutter everywhere. 

101. Mornings before school are like hell on Earth.

102. You are already exhausted by school drop off. 

103. Sometimes you cry on your way home from dropping them off at school, thinking what could I have done to make that more successful when you gave it your best shot. 

104. You can’t go out with your child at night in public because their meds have worn off for the day and their behavior becomes impulsive and unpredictable. 

105. You signed your child up for soccer but they would much prefer running off the feild into the woods to pick flowers and come back with a handful of worms. 

106. It takes everyone in the household to get your kid to take a bath

107. Your child gets home from school and they haven’t touched a thing in their lunch not even the drink and you say nothing can be done until it’s been eaten. (because I love you and want you to be healthy) 

108. You’ve been invited out with friends and you can’t find anyone to watch your child for you, you know that most aren't capable of watching your child. 

109. You repeat yourself a record number of times a day. 

110. You spend 5 minutes in the morning telling him to put on his underwear and he’s too busy telling me about. 

111. You're laughing way too hard while readig these because you can relate way too much! 

112. You have to get your child up 30 minutes earlier in the morning than everyone else so that they have time to get ready for school. 

113. They tell you that they took their medications, but didn't. 

114. They have a meltdown in the middle of target because they’re out of pizza flavored Pringles and apparently only the ones from target will do. 

115. You have to tell your child a million times to do something. You have to give simple one step at a time instructions. 

116. You're constantly exhausted. 

117. You repeat the words "I told you that five times already" way to many times a day then you care to admit. 

118. You have hundreds of emails from your child's teacher because your child forgot to do something or bring something. 

119. You admire a child from another family just simply sitting down peacefully.

120. Your child always missing their things and can't find their belongings. 

121. They finally fall asleep and all you want is hug them and love on them because you both had a rough night. 

122. Something you just bought or something special you own gets broken. 

123. You constantly repeat yourself and your favorite word is 'STOP'. 

124. You are always apologizing for losing your cool. 

125. You often wake up in the middle of the night to find your child watching movies and eating treats. 

126. Your child is always so loud. No volume control. 

127. You take your child out of public school because they couldn't see his good qualities. 

128. You time outings around medication. 

129. You constantly have to explain what’s going on even though your both doing pr watching the same thing. 

130. You become a professional at tuning out the tapping, bouncing, noises and other tics that would be annoying to others.

131. You have to count down or set timers or stop watches to get most things done. 
132. You cringe at the thought of having to do homework or a big project for school because you know you will hear continuous whining about how “I can’t do it”. 
133. Your child will be in the middle of a sentence and then they suddenly stop and start talking about something else total random and a minute later they go back to the first conversation. 

134. The last night you slept peacefully the whole night through was before they were born. 

135. Sweet Mary mother Jesus is a phrase used 10 billion times a day. 

136. You whisper or say "WTF" to yourself multiple times a day. 

137. Your child collects and brings home everything. Shells, sticks, rocks, wrappers ect. 

138. You take your child to be diagnosed with A.D.H.D and the doctor diagnosis you too. 

139. You get sick of hearing your own voice. 

140. Fibs! You are told so many fibs. Why do they tell so many little fibs? 

141. EVERYONE in the school knows my child and they greet her by name. E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E. 

142. You have walked out of a mall with your child over your shoulder screaming and yelling that he doesn’t want to leave the mall and everybody is staring at you. 

143. You  wouldn't change your child for the world.

144. People ask how you can “tune out” noises your child makes CONSTANTLY!

145. You can tell how sick they are by how still they are.

146. You have to explain to the new teachers every single year and start all over again.  

147. You cry at the parent teacher conference. 

148. You own more hats and gloves then any store, but you still can’t find one. 

149. You are asked on a daily or hourly basis "your child needs to respect their parents" or "your child's behavior is not okay" is not ok or "why doesn't your child listen"? or  "your child needs more discipline" or "can you keep them quiet?" or "why can't your child sit still"? 

150. You're not embarrassed in public anymore due to your child's behavior because you are used to it. 

151. You wake up hours before your child with A.D.H.D wakes up so you can get yourself ready because you know when they get up, you'll have no time for anything else. 

152. You are a regular visitor at the guidance councelors office at your child's school. 

153. It's nearly midnight and you want to go to sleep but you can't because they are still hyper and bouncing off the walls. 

154. You hear "I'm hungry" a trillion million times a day.

155. Your child who has A.D.H.D asks you where everything is because they cannot ever remember where they put anything they own or they are too distracted to look for it. 
156. If you hold your breath when the phone rings during school hours and get anxious because you are not sure what your child has done. 

157. You have to stock up on cheap hats, gloves, socks and basically anything they can lose, because you know they are going to lose all of their stuff.

When you cringe when the school calls, but later check your voicemail and it was just an announcement for an upcoming event at the school! ??

158. Your day is constantly being interrupted either by the child bothering you about the most random things or by the school asking you to come get the child for being behaving apropriately. 

159. You hear repetitive sounds that your child is making all day long. 

160. You go to bed crying because you think that you are a bad mother. 

161. You sit with your child helping them with homework for three hours that should have taken 30 minutes. 

162. You constantly have to remind your child to use their inside voice. 

163. You’ve told your child to do the same thing for the tenth time, only to have them come right back and ask ”what did you tell me to do?” And it’s repeated ....A LOT! 

164. You avoid public places.

165. You are overwhelmed & frustrated almost everyday. 

166. When you wake up at 7 in the morning and there's four different flavours of Jello made. There's water all over the cabinets and cupboards and then you find you child in bed with a Jello stain around their mouth. 

167. You look at other parents who are judging you and think to yourself  "you have no idea". 

168. You know school policies on handling all kinds of misbehavior. 

169. Your child's conduct report looks like a novel. 

170. You have to repeat the word "Focus" over and over and over and over and over and over and over. 

171. You leave the house and get somewhere and drive all the way back home just because you forgot your child's medicine.

172. You think to yourself regularly how rich you would be if you could bottle your child's energy and sell it. 

173. You get funny looks all the time because your ADHD child wont wear a coat..

174. You have make sure you bring a fidget or busy bag with you when you leave the house to keep them occupied. 

175. You have had to lean down to your child's level and talk through your teeth to your child when they are misbehaving in public. 

176. Your child's teacher messages you saying "he’s having a hard time focusing and staying on task" Well, no shit!

177. You have fingerprints on your ceiling and don’t even question it.

178. You don't ever get enough sleep. 

179. You ask your child to do something but everything is usually a battle. 

180. Your child has emotional outbursts in public.

181. Your Fitbit has over 30,000 steps from chasing your child with A.D.H.D all day. 

181. You ask your child with A.D.H.D to do a chore and they respond with “BUT I'M TOOO TIREDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!”?

182. You need therapy and medications too to help you cope with your child's A.D.H.D. 

183. You can spot another child who has A.D.H.D a mile away and help another mom out instead of being a Karen.

184. Every room in your house has a broken item, a timer, a chart or a visual aide. 

185. Your child gets upset and you pause for the epic meltdown that’s about to take place. 

186. You're exhausted but you know that you have to just keep going. 

187. Your purse is full of distraction toys and snacks. 

188. If you have read this far down the list and have thought to yourself, I feel so blessed to know I'm not alone and I needed to read this today. 

189. You need a holiday to get over any holidays. 

190. You fall asleep 5 minutes after they do from sheer exhaustion.

191. You have a constant migraine wondering how on earth your child manages to talk so much even when you're not listening,  going 100 miles an hour on their vocal chords. 

191. You keep saying "be careful" and repeat yourself until you are almost annoyed with your own voice. 

192. You can't have alone time because your child won't go to sleep without you. Can be sweet but also can be annoying.

193. You'd rather skip out on events because your child is so wild.

194. You cant do ANYTHING alone. 

195. You celebrate and high five over a “C” because you know your child worked 5x as hard for that general education class grade.

196. You hear "mom" from there mouth about 20 times in 1 minute. 

197. You used to try to make yourself look put together but now you use all of your energy getting your child out the door on time fpr school so you look like a slob. Every. Single. Day.

198. A story about something that happened at school which could be told in 30 seconds takes 10 minutes because they get distracted, lose track and tell 5 other stories in between. 

199. You spend a lot of your life counting out loud to 3, thanks to 1-2-3 magic.

200. You have anxiety picking your child up from school because you don’t know if you are bringing home the Flash or The Hulk.

201. It is 4 in the morning and your child it's finally ready to go to sleep because they have been  jumping and dancing all night and you have to get up in an hour start your day.

202. You can sit on the couch and just watch your kid scream and run circles around you.

203. You constantly repeat yourself. You constantly repeat yourself. You constantly repeat yourself. You constantly repeat yourself. You constantly repeat yourself. You constantly repeat yourself. You constantly repeat yourself. You constantly repeat yourself.

204. You have to take your kids with you everywhere or just stay home because nobody wants to watch them.  When absolutely no one will babysit for you!

205. You can only get the kids to school on time 2 out of 5 days a week. 

206. You’re tired by 6pm and ready for bed. 

207. You're ready to put yourself in the hospital to get help for yourself because being a parent for a child with A.D.H.D can be extremely challenging and stressful. 

208. You are used to meltdowns and exploding behaviors. 

209. You’ve been up the stairs 60 times to get them back into bed and you are happy because it’s not 120 times. 

210. You feel like you are always talking to yourself.

211. You have this ongoing fear for your child’s future and whether they will ever function as an independent adult when they can’t even manage to get dressed in the morning without cues.

212. You have a trampoline in your house.

213. You drink, swear and are permanently tired but you still love them.

214. You scratch your head every time your child does something weird. 

215. You speak directly to your child, both looking eye to eye and when you finish speaking, they look at you and say, "what?".

216. A strangers child is having a meltdown in a store, you help instead of staring and criticizing the parent and child. 

217. You have to scream for the 10th time before your child can hear you. 

218. There's another kid acting up and you can tell the parent is feeling embarrassed so you just smile at them to let them know you understand and that it's okay. 

219. You have to keep double checking when assignments are due, if assignments have been handed in and that the assignments get done for school. 

220. Your child has a membership to the local running track to burn off that extra energy. 

221. Your child has flu and they are still bouncing off the walls. 

222. You have to organise everything for them. 

223. You are so used to micro-managing and breaking things down into smaller steps that you start telling coworkers how to do things.

224. You have perfected your royal wave while football carrying a tantruming child through walmart.

225. You pack your child the same lunch, everyday of the week. 

226. Sometimes you feel like a terrible parent because you could've been more patient that day but other times you feel like a super parent because some days it can be so hard but you're getting through it.

227. There are days that you feel out of control and yell constantly and you don't want too. 

228. Every time you turn around something happens. Something spills, something breaks or they have made a mess. 

229. Everyone in your town knows your child and knows their name because they're so loud and such a handful but they have no idea what your name is. 

230. You lay in bed at night feeling like a failure wondering if you are doing enough. 

231. You are always “picking our battles”. 

232. You give jealous eye rolls to all the children and their parents sitting still in their seats behaving. 

233. You tell people that your child can be a handful and they don't believe you until they see it for themselves. 

234. You can’t have one good morning without yelling or ending up mad. 

235. Bedtime is always a mess no matter what you do. Mornings are just uuuggghhhhhh. 

236. You look back and think "holy shit how did I survive this past year"?

237. You’re counting down the hours, minutes and seconds until bedtime because it’s just been one of those days!?

238. Your fridge is open, sink is running, light is on and no one is in the kitchen.  

239. You’re often dizzy while watching your child bounce or spin while talking to you. 

240. Your caller display says school, school, school, school, school. 

241. You're constantly counting to ten so you don't lose your shit. 

242. You have to repeat yourself 72 times to get your child to accomplish a task. 

243. Your child is the only child not making friends or being invited to events because your child is not interested and neither are they. 

244. You don't even want to send your child to school anymore because they get overwhelmed and are not happy. 

245. Your child falls asleep and you  just want to cry from all the stress but also feel so loved at the same time. 

246. You get so excited when the school doesn't call you because it's comparable to winning the lottery. 

247. You have had 257 conversations with your child and they haven’t even had their breakfast yet. 

248. You feel you have to explain your child's A.D.H.D and how they struggle, hoping that they wont judge you and will understand. 

249. You desperatley want others to see the great qualities about your child. You want everyone to see your child as you see them. How amazing they can be. 

250. You want to crawl back in bed after getting them ready for school because you are already too tired to do anything else. 

251. You don't even flinch when they fall off of chairs, back flip off of ottomans, cartwheels off of couches and just run into things?#JustAnotherNormalDayInOurHouse

252. You have visual schedules and reminders all over your house because you know how important it is to have a routine. 

253. You and your child struggle to be social and have friends. 

254. A simple walk down the hall turns into a whole orchestra, complete with wrestling moves, karate chops and occasional house hold items being broken. 

255. You have had a few cups of coffee before you leave to take your child to school. 

256. Wait, do you mean a parent who has ADHD or of ADHD kids? Because I am both.

257. You reward your child for even the smallest of things because what is small to others is the most amazing victory for you that needs to be celebrated. 

258. You have to be on toes all the time. You need to always be watching and always be listening. 

259. You have to worry even around family because people can say such insensitive things.

260. You have to sit down with your child and  remind them how to act before entering ANY room.

261. It often feels like the messes happen, faster than you can clean them. 

262. Other parents try to tell you how to parent properly because your child isn’t acting or behaving like their children.

263. Your emotions toward your beautiful child can go from one extreme to the other and back again several times in the same hour. 

264. You are completely exhausted but your child is not. 

265. You can’t believe a word that comes out of their mouth because they simply can’t tell the truth. 

266. Your child's belongings are scattered all over your home. 

267. You sound like a broken record and every day is Groundhog Day. 

268. You whisper For f**ks sakes to yourself many, many times a day. 

269. Your answers are usually being interrupted with more questions. 

270. Your answers are never good enough so you're explaining yourself over and over again. 

271. Your child's energy level would even exhaust a new puppy. 

272. Your child NEVER stops talking. 

273. You can just tell by looking at their face in the morning, what type of day it is going to be. 

274. You are constantly apologizing for your children’s actions. 

275. You feel immense love for friends that love and understand your child. 

276. Nothing ever truly surprises you anymore. 

277. You get an immense amount of joy and pride for accomplishments from your child other parents take for granted.

278. You have looked multiple times for a mute or pause button on your child's body. 

279. You have to make your child repeat what you say/said so you know they actually heard you and were listening. 

280. You hide at times in random places just to be alone and away from your child for even a minute of peace and quiet.  

281. The principal is your bestfriend because you talk so much about your child. 

282. You have 10,000+ points on your Amazon account from ordering books for children with A.D.H.D. and books for yourself so you learn as much as you can about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. 

283. You watch the clock after your child takes their medication and count down until the moment things start to calm down a bit . 

DISCLAIMER: I am not an Therapist. I am an adult who has ADHD, a parent to children who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and now a Grandma. The information on this website is not medical advice and does not replace the information that your child's therapists gives you. These are just ideas and information that I have learned myself over the years of being a parent and an adult living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. (ADHD) If you are concerned for your child, please always seek medical attention through a family doctor, pediatrician or therapist. This website is for informational purposes only. Each child is different and what works for one child may not for another. Please always consult with a professional.